Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Another week here at the MTC. The big highlight is that I have been sicky all week. It started little over a week ago with a voice of an old man who smoked for 40 years. Very attractive I know. And now I have this cough that will not go away. I used all of my de-congestion medication already and have started my second bottle of cough medicine. Geez, I sound like a perscription drug abuser..... I have a feeling that I'm over it though. I hope.

The TRC last week went so well! Elder Bacon and I taught the first lesson IN SLOVAK! It was insane! There were a few times where I had no idea what our investigator was saying, but we managed to pull though it. I wrote out everything that I wanted to say but after just chatting with him (Bryce) and asking him questions we went in a completely different direction but I survived! This week we have to teach the second lesson and the word of wisdom. Again, I'm soooo nervous about it. The second lesson has a lot of specific vocab that I haven't been studying as well as I should... We'll see how it goes on Thursday I guess.I just can't wait for that moment where I just know what everyone is saying and I can really start getting to know and teaching everyone!

I only have two more weeks here at the MTC. I am so ready to leave this place. Elder Nichol made a comment the other day that pretty sums it up, "Elder Williams is just burnt out." Definitely true. However, I'm torn. I'm ready to leave HERE but not so ready to get to Slovakia. I am incredibly excited about leaving so soon but whenever I think about it I feel like I am going to throw up. Haha We now have scheduled in "story time" from each of our teachers when they teach. They get us SO pumped to go.

The other day (same day that I was "burnt out") someone found a CTR ring inside their tater-tot casserole. First of all it was a tater-tot casserole, gross. Second, a ring? grosssss

I really wish I had more exciting things to talk about. Sorry about that. I mostly just sit in a classroom all day or get annoyed by other Elders... Here's hoping that in two weeks time I'll have SO much to say! :)

Love and miss you all!!


ps I haven't gotten the package yet, but thanks so much in advance!

pss: here's a strange request: can you tell the Horlachers I said hi? In church on Sunday I was thinking about the talk Nicole gave at my farewell. I really appreciated what she said about me being an example for going on a mission. It made me feel redeemed a little for being such a poor example to the teachers/deacons for not going for so long. They are such a great family!

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