Monday, November 28, 2011


I got these pictures off John and Carol Stiles blog. They are a senior missionary couple serving in Kosice and doing humanitarian projects. They include the young missionaries in some of their projects and feed them at holidays, and do English classes with them etc. They take a lot of photos, so I found some of Adam and things he was involved in and posted them here.

Adam painting kindergarten room

John and Carol Stiles Halloween

Thanksgiving with the Stiles

Adam learning to sew rice bags

Missionaries at a project closing ceremony

All Saints day flowers

At a castle

Branch barbeque

Yvetta baptism
Slovak missionaries June 2011
Lenka baptism

Marek baptism
Yvetta baptism

Zilina hopeful

Hello family,

This week has been a quick couple of days. Thanksgiving was a feast that I was really thankful for. We went over to a members house for dinner. Then we had an English class and someone came! Zilina's English class is usually empty. We show up at 5 and then if no one comes, we leave. But this week a woman came to learn English! It was a good class (the secret is the charm ;) and she'll be back with friends. English was one of my favorite activities in Kosice, we had a good, big class that came every week. But we're going to do our best to see Zilina's class grow. Along with our teaching pool.

On Saturday we had Specialized Training--no more travelling for me! Most of the conferences are in Zilina from now on :) It was really good--as always. President talked about the Doctrine of Christ. We pretty much read and discussed 2 Nephi 31. I really enjoyed it. The Zone Leaders talked about unity within companionships (using the usual sport analogies that are inevitable with our ZLs) And the Assistants trained us on using better questions. I love when we have conferences and trainings. I always come out ready to work a little smarter. Next month we won't have any because we'll have the Christmas conference. I am SO excited for another Christmas in Prague!

Have I ever expressed how thankful I am to be in Slovakia as a missionary?? Elder Tomlinson and I ran into an American girl-it had been a long time since I had talked to an American on the street about religion. She had such an American attitude. "Oh, I already know all about you Mormons", "I've done a lot of research". "I believe in 'inclusiveness' ", "No, I've never read the Book of Mormon", etc etc. I got a little frustrated afterwards how the conversation went nowhere. Americans would be the hardest people to talk to I think. I always get a little disappointed when people flat out refuse to do some honest looking and are content with their superficial "understanding" on Mormonism. If people truly took the time to look at it objectively they would see that God's plan of salvation is about as inclusive as it gets! The idea that EVERY person who has ever lived, or will ever live, has an equal chance to hear the Gospel and an equal standing before God is unique to His church. But I guess you can't look at in objectively. You have to look at it prayerfully and faithfully that fairness actually exists in this world. I love that this all makes sense. Sometimes it's hard to keep going, but that's usually because we forget what the Doctrine of Christ means for us. In short, I just love Slovaks and the fact that no one knows who we are. We have a little bit of an advantage.:)

I hope everything is perfect for you all. I love you and I'll talk to you next week! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I'll try to send more next week.

Elder Williams

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Me and "The Kids"

First Elder Z companion pic

Elder Zabriskis and ja

Marek and ja

Leaving Kosice. How could I leave?

Hello family,

That's all for now. I'll try to take more pictures and not forget my camera at baptisms and special events. But no promises....

Love you!

Thanksgiving! Round 2!

First up, apologies for not emailing on Monday-our pday got moved to Thanksgiving and I forgot to let you know. Oops. We have some things on plan that I'm pretty excited about. We are going over to a member's house for a big Thanksgiving dinner. We're all pitching in and having a feast. I made sweet potatoes this morning (shout out to Sister Stiles in Kosice for the help :) and I am just so excited to eat. My companion is from England and doesn't quite get the holiday. "So do you, like, exchange gifts or something??" "Is it really just food? Like, that's all you do, is eat?" He's willing to celebrate though and is thankful with the rest of us Americans for the chance to chow down. :) It should be better than last Thanksgiving when all we had to eat was frozen pizza.

I think I mentioned last week that my area here has been really slow. This last week and a half has seen some interesting results and we're starting to recognize success everywhere around us. The investigators we have are making exciting progress and I am regaining some fire over the work. It is so humbling and exhilarating to be a first hand witness of someone coming to know that the Book of Mormon is true, and that this whole thing that we're doing is true. That God actually has a plan laid out for us so that we can be happy! It's amazing to see the light that illuminates a person when they bear testimony for the first time, or give a prayer for the first time. I'm convinced that we're going to see some cool things in the upcoming transfer.

On Sunday a member of the District Presidency came down for church and he and his wife spoke. It is was welcome relief for this little branch. They got to hear from someone new for a change. Afterwards he spoke to the missionaries privately and just thanked us for the work that we have been doing in Zilina. The District cares a lot about this city (they care about every branch I'm sure) and he just passed a message of thanks from the District Presidency. Sometimes I think too small. Like the work I do will only affect the city I'm in. But in reality, I'm helping to grow the church on every level. Missionary work is hard. :)

Shout outs to the Mowers on the baby announcement! I am so excited to meet baby Blair! And I'm glad Jet hasn't forgotten me ;) And a congrats to Jesse for a job well done. Can you believe he's home already? I can. It feels like he has been gone FOREVER. lol annnnnnd HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY! I had an exchange with Elder Walker on your birthday and in the morning I announced that you had turned 21 and he says, "My sister has her birthday today too!" I wish we could say we celebrated for your birthday, but we spent the whole day tracting. :)

I love you all and I am so grateful for all of your support. It means so much to me. I promise I think about you all constantly-even if I never write you letters. :)
s Laskou,
Starsi Williams

ps how did you do on your senior comp project, Logan? Can you believe you're graduating in May? I can't. Then you'll be a missionary like me. :) (Except probably better)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hello from....

Zilina!!! (Sh-e-lee-na)Sunday night I got a call that I would be moving to Zilina today! I left this morning and I've already gotten settled in. I am serving with Elder Tomlinson from England! (Interesting tidbit: Our Fathers served in the same mission at the same time in Scotland. Say what?!?) He served about half of his mission on the Czech side, but came down here about 9 months ago to be the Branch President in Zilina. This is his last transfer.
Here's the make-up to the new District (I love them already)

-Elder Walker-- you should already be familiar with him. He's one of my fav missionaries :)
-Elder McCellan-- He's from Las Vegas and this is his second transfer. He was trained by Elder Walker and they stuck together
-Elder Gibson-- he hails from Blackfoot, Idaho. Since Elder Walker is leaving 6 weeks into the transfer he'll be with Elder McCellan for the last 3. He's been serving in the Czech Republic most of his mission.
and in Trencin, we have:
-Elder Romero-- from Utah. We served with each othe rin Blava. He likes to make comic books.
-Elder Sell-- he's from Wisconsin. (Exotic, right?) He just got trained last transfer.

I was crushed to leave Kosice, I already miss Elder Zabriskie. The "kids" Marek, Lenka and Ivett, all came to the station to see me off. But I am so excited to come to Zilina and see what we can do here! There is just a good energy here and I've always heard that the members here are wonderful! It was about time for me to move and I'll probably stay in Zilina for a little bit. Uvidime.

Shoutouts: Congrats Karen on finishing school! Can't believe you graduated already! And a Masters program while pregnant? Girl, you crazy!

Elder Zabriskie and I had a good last week. We went to the Zoo last Monday as a district and had a fantastic time. It's HUGE! The biggest in central Europe "in terms of size". Not a lot of animals, but lots of walking! It's up in the middle of hills covered with trees and it was just a chill day walking around seeing the fall colors with the odd lion and monkey here and there.

Glad to hear that everyone is doing well back home. I am sorry that Aaron pulled a muscle. I was enjoying the sports update.

I love you all and I'll talk to you next Monday! Soon!

Elder Williams

ps here's the new address-

čajakova 15
010 01

I expect more letters. :p