Cau Cau,

Hope you all are doing fine this fabulous Labor Day. (We ran into an American today who let us know that today is Labor Day-- otherwise I had completely forgotten)

This past week was kind of a whirlwind. On Monday we had a fantastic day. We taught two new investigators and taught our recent convert. The meetings were SO good and the people were SO sweet. Investigators have been coming up out of the woodwork for us. Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty normal, (English class was a hoot as it always is with a rousing game of Bunko) but Thursday was awful. We taught a lot but some of our investigators just kind of turned on us. Just one crazy lesson after another. We have the weirdest teaching pool. Half of them are miracles that will grow the branch, and then the other half are seriously crazy. (I really need to update my journal....) But then on Friday we had another miracle day. We contacted this young girl, like 17 years old (Slovaks look older then they really are) We invited her to take a tour of our building (BIG hit lately). She was kind of scared-- thinking we would kill her (*Note: usually I would say NEVER go alone into a building with 2 foreign dudes, but we're missionaries, so it's a little different, right? right.....) She agreed to go up with us for a couple minutes and we gave a quick tour and set up a meeting for the next day saying we would invite one of our members who is a girl and a recent convert, blah blah blah. We planned to introduce the restoration but we mostly wanted them to become best friends. So we dedicated some time for them to have "girl talk" (Missionary work is hard, you taking notes Logan?) Our member is a little late so we are doing our best at small talk. When our member walks in she drops her bag, the investigator screams, they both jump around and hug each other. We were SO confused. Turns out they were already bffs from grade school. They went into girl talk straight away- but only lasted about 2 minutes as their Slovak went from a normal speed to a speed I have never heard before. So that was easy.
After that meeting we run into P, another 17 yr old kid. A boy this time so less "scary." He readily agreed to take a look at the building. After a tour we sit down with him (We can give tours to girls, but we have to stay on our feet without another man in the building). He was way cool and so open to hearing the message and starting the Book of Mormon. So we are starting this week with some more normal kingdom building investigators! 
Hope everything is perfect for you all!

I love and miss you! 

Elder A. Williams