Monday, September 5, 2011

Early Transfer and a Trip to Prague

What an intriguing subject line, no?

Hope everyone is doing well! I am doing super! As you may know already, we had to end transfers a little early as President Irwin has some conferences next week. He's shaken some things up. Thursday afternoon I get a phone call from President Irwin. He says, "Elder Williams, you're training next transfer!" followed by a "You need to be in Prague tomorrow night!" Uhhh..... So I'm training now. I am with Elder Zabriskie who hails from the Great Salt Lake. He's a fantastic missionary and I am really excited to serve with him. I remember how awful I was to my trainer and I had nightmares that it would be a similar experience. I keep asking if he's happy. So far he is. :) **I apologize in advance to the Zabriskie family. I will do my best to make sure he does well. But thank you for sending your son/brother on a mission. I appreciate what he brings to the district** In the other area we have Elder Tenney, who I served with in Bratislava when he was being trained, and he is with Elder Hicken, who has been serving in the Czech Republic his whole mission. All of us are stoked to serve together and I am just so excited to see what will happen. Mark my words, last transfer's miracles were only a warm-up. :) Elder Zabriskie's FIRST time contacting in the city ended with us setting up a meeting and getting a phone number. The meeting was great and we're going to see him tmrw at FHE. ......And then baptism! :)

The transfer call kind of messed me up, I was on a train for 18 hours, to and from Prague. Elder Wilcox (who trained in Kosice last year) said that it was "the WORST experience of his life." But I got some letters written, per usual.

The branch is totally in love with these three new missionaries, and our new converts are still glowing. Last week Ivet gave a stellar talk and Marek said that he has been preparing his own talk! I just love these people.

I am just so excited that we have a full district again, Elder Stansfield and I were kind of running around with our heads cut off. We had to do everything on our own- and Elder Hicken and Tenney kind of feel like reinforcements.

I don't have a ton of time, but a shout out: Morgan is engaged! Excuuuuuuse meeee???? I had no idea! Letter please.

I love you all and I appreciate the words of support, they are needed. Now I just need your prayers. Elder Zabriskie asks a ton of Slovak questions (which is SO good) and I'm forced to actually recall grammar principles now. Gift of tongues would be oh-so-nice. But he's doing well, and might pass me up pretty soon. And he already loves Kofola. I'm so proud. I'm sure we'll have some adventures this week. I'll keep you posted!

Love you!
Elder Williams

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