Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weak Things Made Strong

My roommate was supposed to teach the lesson in Elders Quroum on Sunday, but the night before he remembered that he was going out of town so I, the wonderful roommate that I am, stepped up and offered to sub for him. The lesson was circled around Jeffrey R. Holland's talk "Place No More for the Enemy of my Soul". [A fantastic talk that I highly recommend.]

Here was my train of thought: "I'll be spending the next two years teaching people gospel related things, How could I pass up an oppurtunity to practice?" Right???


After I finished the lesson I felt embarrassed, incompetent, and inadequate at my teaching abilities. It wasn't a bad lesson per say, it was nothing more preparation couldn't fix; I just couldn't shake this feeling of discouragement.


Today I was thinking about the scripture Ether 12:27. In it we learn that the Lord has given us weaknesses that we may learn to be humble. Then, as our faith increases, our weaknesses, whatever they may be, can become our greatest strengths. I have a weakness in teaching. [Rather, I am weak in my studying and preparing for a lesson] But with faith, and a lot of work, I know that my teaching can one day be my strongest attribute.

I look forward to the coming weeks before I enter the MTC. I plan on kicking myself in the butt and mentally prepare to be saturated in both Slovak and the Spirit.

There is definitely a lot of work to be done my friends.


  1. Nate and I are sunday school teachers and I felt the same way about the first 2 lessons I gave. I sucked. But Nate is teaching me how to be better and I'm finally getting better. I figure that if you are a bad teacher, you have a better chance to improve because you're humble enough to depend on the Lord, but If you're a great teacher, it's harder to improve. At least that's the theory that motivates me to improve.

  2. I'm an amazing teacher when my students are 3-5 years old. Seriously. You should be so lucky.