Friday, July 30, 2010

USAO and Reflections.

Today was my last day working at the US Attorney's Office. Those of you that know me well know that I loved my job. The work itself was either monotonous and mind-numbingly easy, or way above my pay grade. (You want me to close the 10+ box Blower case?? ...... all right...)
What made working at that office so fantastic and such an amazing place to be were the folks that worked alongside me. The attorneys and legal assistants all treated me with respect and as a peer rather than some punk kid that really had no idea what he was doing half the time. (seriously)

Now lets talk about the REAL reason I love the USAO.
                          Food.  :)
Whenever someone has a having a birthday or is leaving us we ALWAYS have food. On top of the banquets throughout the year. i.e. Admin Day, the Chili Cook Off, Halloween, Christmas, etc (I learned that there are TONS of excuses to have office parties) And today was no exception. We had a complete smörgåsbord for breakfast, then root beer floats later that day. We were eating all day. And it was glorious!
I had been told again and again while working there that the work I did was appreciated-- even if I thought it didn't make THAT much of a difference. But after reading the DOJ Seal the staff had all signed and the card they gave me, and the numerous emails and the endless visits of people to my cubicle did it really sink in that I had lightened the workload of my co-workers as a student clerk. What a feeling it is to be appreciated! It is so so so important for us to recognize what other people do for us and let our appreciation show. The idea that we always have an affect on other people was reinforced today. It is how we treat those around us and the attitudes we carry that denotes whether that affect is positive or negative. I hoped that I was a positive force for good there, and that I may continue to be one in the future.
I'll miss the friends I made there as I start my new adventure. But who knows, maybe they haven't seen the last of me. ;)


  1. Awww Adam well said! You always had a positive attitude, no matter what task was asked of you, so if anything I'll carry that with me. Good luck with everything and I know for a FACT we haven't seen the last of you. :)

  2. You were a wonderful asset to the office. You will also be dearly missed. Thank you for all the laughs and patiently answering all of my questions about your mission. Please come back and visit us.

  3. Adam you are such a good person and I know you are going to do wonderful things! Miss you like crazy! Can't wait to see you, when you get back!

  4. I will miss get text messages from you about how many copies you made that day.

  5. I would like to thank everyone at USAO for the kindness and support and advice you gave Adam during the time he worked there. I could not have handpicked a better group of people to surround my son at this time in his life. I will miss hearing little stories about work there. You all are in my heart forever.
    ---Adam's mom

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