Monday, November 1, 2010


I finally made it to Trencin, ps I cannot figure out this keyboard, no exclaimation points or other forms of puncuation, but just know that I really am excited1 Also every word shows up misspelled, so please excuse the spelling errors....
We finished up in Blava on Friday, we had to get our medical clearances or something. That was quite the experience. The doctor's office was fine and I wondered what the deal was with sociallized-Eastern European medicine. Then we had to go get X-rays done, don§t ask me why, and that was SKETCH. No hospital gowns, instead they give you bath robes and slippers. Gross. But I survived and managed not to get hepatitis  On Friday we weren§t able to get our foreign police work done so we have to go back this week. Not terribly excited about it. Travelling takes up so much of our time.
My MTC district was finally split up for good. Elder Nichol stazed in Blava and Bacon and I got on a train with our companions. I got off at Trencin, and the train station is EXACTLY what I pictured an Eastern Europe train station to look like. Kinda abandoned looking. Loved it. I got a picture that I§ll send eventually. We got to the apartment which is really nice actually. So don§t worry mom about my living situation. There§s a stand up shower and a full kitchen1 Sweet. We then went to the store and I felt like a dumb child. I have no concept of how much a Euro is and everything is in Slovak. In time Ill find what works Im sure. We went again today and I felt like crying.--I feel like crying a lot here. lol
I love it here when we tract or contact, maybe because I cant really say anything.... lol Slovaks are just great. I did run into my first drunk Slovak1 It was about 9 oclock Saturday morning. Fantastic. AND the very first pannelok, aka apartment building, I went tracting in we got escorted out by a very drunk, and very disgruntled man. He actually shoved us into the elevator and went down with us. Okay, these elevators are about the size of a refrigerator. I dont think he even lived there. It was a first for both me and Elder Bodily.
On Sunday I met the branch, its a small group of people but a family from Germany visited and we had an investigator and an inactive show up! Sweet! --ps I found the exclaimation point....--I just love our branch. I introduced myself and bore my testimony. Everyone is really nice and encouraging. One woman asked if I cry at night yet. I responded that Ive been crying night and day. lol Another one, the branch presidents mom got really excited I was from AZ. Her missionaries were from Mesa. Shes been a member for about 20 years now and has lost contact with them. After church we taught two lessons to our two very-slowly-progressing investigators. They both knew a little English so I wasnt completely lost. The language is the hardest part of being here. It seems that my retention is that of a fish. Bodily will quiz me on something and Ill forget it 5 minutes later. Its so discouraging and I feel like an idiot. But Ive been blessed with the most patient and loving companion there is. I cant imagine ever speaking this language but heres hoping itll come.

As far as letter/packages go send packages to the mission home, there someone will always be there to pick them up. Be sure to put the name of the Church on the first line otherwise they wont leave it there. (has to be delivered to the person..) but letters are fine to send to my apartment in Trencin. My address is-

Elder Adam Williams
Kapitana Nalepku 31
911 01
Trenčin, Slovakia

If you could update the blog and facebook that would be great.

I no longer have a time limit for email, and I can print out emails at this cafe, but it costs money, so I just read them. I don§t need anything specific, but thanks. And little pictures of Christ would be great. And the CTR rings would have to be in Czech. But there are not really a lot of kids here to give them too. But I can call the mission home for stuff like that.

I§m glad everyone is doing fine. I love you all and think about everyone often!

Elder Williams

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