Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Day in Slovak Paradise

Remember a little while back when I was still in the MTC and I said I had just experienced my hardest week ever? I wish for those days again.... lol But no worries, I am slowly making progress. Slowly... Sometimes I feel that my progress is not where the Lord expects me to be at. But I feel that He has been patient with me as I've had to rework my personal language goals. I know that the language isn't the MOST important thing to worry about, but I want to talk to Slovaks SO bad!
This past week we had to go to Brno for new missionary training. I was excited to get together with the old crew again and it definitely gave me a reality check on my own progress. Elder Nichol and Bacon are struggling just as much as I am and expressed the same concerns I've been having. I almost felt silly in expecting that they would be masters at the language already. However, the sisters are pretty much fluent, but that didn't come as a surprise. lol Parting was difficult  mostly because I had a 4 hour train ride back to Trenčin. Those train rides are def an adventure. You never know what it will be like. This time we had to stand the entire time. Nie je dobre.
The reality of "actual" missionary work has become clear to me. A lot of frustrating lessons where we have no idea what a particular individual needs or how to teach them clearly so they understand. Finding is also probably the most spirit breaking activity there is. lol But when we find an investigator somehow its all worth it. We found two this past week who are really open to our message and can really benefit from it.
We went back to the store today and I no longer feel like crying there. I guess I've moved past that stage to apathy maybe? I'm still not sure how to measure the value of the Euro yet, but I'm hoping with time I'll get it. Which seems to be a common theme around here. Time, time, time. A friend of mine, (here comes a shoutout:) Julie, sent me a copy of Uchtdorf's talk on patience while I was in the MTC and I've been going back to it again and again... Thanks gf
The branch is great, still small, but we are going to change that. A year ago the branch President made a goal to have 100 people in church in a year. And they are still at 7.... So I am taking a page out of my University Ward's mission plan and do a similar thing here. We are asking the branch to talk about their faith and tell someone about it, (though the website, church, or English class etc) once a week. Then we're asking them to invite one person to church every month. (I would like that to happen every week, but we gotta start small) We're hoping that this will get the members thinking about missionary work and help break down the negative stereotypes people have here about Mormons.
I'm determined to see miracles here in Trenčin. Both in myself, the branch and the city.

Thank you in advance for the Christmas package family! And for everyone's continued support and prayers. When I feel helpless I just think about the support I have and feel lifted up.
I hope everyone is doing well, always great to get the update, thanks Mom. :)

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