Monday, December 13, 2010

Hey Ho!

Hey all,

This was pretty much a hot and cold week. In every way really. We started the week off with temperatures ranging from 0-10 degrees so all the snow melted. Now its back down in the negatives and were covered in snow again. Fantastic.
On our plan we had a busy week with a slew of new people to teach, both Bodily and I were pretty excited about it. However, it seemed that after every meeting we had to drop them. Some dropped us, others we dropped, so it was kinda demoralizing, however, I am determined to keep going and find even more people to teach!

On Friday we were visited by the Zone Leaders for splits. I love splits. Not that I'm dying to get away from Bodily or anything, Its just kinda nice being with someone else for a change. They had a car so we were able to go where ever we wanted to tract! It was SO nice being able to just zip to where we wanted to go! Definitely a luxury  However, I don't think I would have lost 10 pounds with a car. (I know, I'm going to come back looking like a stick!)

This week I've been thinking about my teachers in the MTC. For some reason they have all become a part of my conscious. (scary, right??) For example: sometimes Ill stop myself and think, "Would Bro. Van de Gaf think that I'm wasting time right now?" or "Would Baughman think that was too inappropriate " or, "Would Bro Pugmire think I'm taking myself to seriously and would he make fun of me right now??" or even, "Would Starling think I'm being awkward right now??" I'm terrified of a positive answer to any of those.....

A word on the Slovak language: it seems that every single word in Slovak has about 10 variations to it. They throw on a prefix like po-, pre-, pri-, zo-, etc etc. Our Branch President takes a couple minutes during branch council to teach us Slovak. Everything has gone over my head.

So I'm still struggling with the language so I'm still a normal missionary.

Mom, Alžbeta was SO happy to hear about the Skrlecs and sends her thanks to you and Emily for visiting them. She told the whole branch about them! I told her to write a little history of the branch since they left. She'll give it to me on Tuesday. Can Paul still read Slovak or should we translate it? We'll probably translate it so I can read it :)

Until next week!


ps I'm sorry letters are taking forever, I never realized that missionaries really have ZERO time. But they are coming!

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