Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's A New Year!

Its 2011!! Did 2010 fly by for anyone else? It was definitely a year of changes for me and I am sure this coming year will be one of even more growth. Heres hoping it will at least. :)

Hope everyone had a great New Years. Taylor and I went to Zlina and we were able to stay up til 12:30! (President has us on a long leash, I know) I got to meet one of the new missionaries, Elder MacNiesh (sp?) from Virgina. After meeting him and going out contacting with him I couldnt help but wonder if I was like as a "greenie" missionary. Probably. lol I did manage to get him thinking that I was the senior companion- until he kept asking what these people were saying and I had to admit I didnt know. "Man, you dont know much, do ya??" Thanks MacNiesh... lol
We had to be inside by 6 Friday night so I made hot wings and hlušky and we played cards til midnight. Then watched the fireworks from the balcony. (which didnt stop until about 1) We had a little impromtu nerf gun war with some random nerf guns in the apartment. (It will never cease to amaze me the things you will find in a missionary apartment) Twas a fun night for sure.

The next morning (President let us sleep in until 7:30, SO nice lol) we had our first district meeting since the transfer started. Elder Evans is my new DL and its going to be an exciting transfer for us I think. Everyone seems to be on the same page as far as doing new things. :)

Some shout-outs before I forget: Congrats to Rob Starling on the engagement! Mad props for it popping the question in Paris. And to Julie Jackson for graduating from the UA! Man, look at these people, moving on with their lives.

Things are doing well for Elder Taylor and I. We pretty much have the same resolve to change things up in Trenčín. We were looking at the map of Trenčín and decided that we will tract the entire city. All of it. Then branch off and try our luck in nearby villages. But we cant do that until weve given the entire city a try. He was able to meet the branch on Sunday as well as the President. I get the feeling that hes nervous. My Slovak is pretty awful-as to be expected, and Taylors isnt to good either. Taylor has been serving in Bratislava where they use a lot of English. Here in Trenčín? Nič. His Slovak is going to improve so much. And so will mine, because now Im pretty much expected to speak. And so I speak. But we get the feeling President wonders how two missionaries with bad Slovak are going to move the work along in Trenčín. By small and simple means.

We were able to meet with a part member/inactive family last week and they love us. When we invited them to come back to church the Mom said, "Well, I want the whole family to go to church but me and Martinka are sick so we will go next week." Then when we asked if we could come back they said, "Why dont you come by every Monday?" We are very excited. Taylor and I are going by tonight and we will be doing FHE with a spiritual thought with them and making sure that it doesnt turn into something where we are wasting time. We shared a nice spiritual thought and the mom knew she needed to be going back to church. I was actually surprised how well things worked out over there. its amazing what just a visit and an invite can do. :)

Thank Aunt Patti for selling those books for me! Thats great she was able to get that much back for some of them. You can all go out to dinner on me! :)

Well family, not much else to report. Hope all is well and that you guys arent too cold in Arizona!

Elder Williams

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