Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photos and An Update

Bojnice Castle
All the Slovic missionaries--minus Elder Evans Train Station
Owning Vienna Bacon slab

Sometimes Monday rolls around and I panic a little bit. "What am I going to write about this week that anybody back home would care to hear about?" Sometimes I just have to think a little and then some event or experience will come to mind and I go off that. But right now Im just drawing a blank....

Taylor and I worked pretty hard this week. We have set a goal to tract as much of Trenčín as we can and this week we knocked on 289 doors. Give or take. I thought our goal of 300 doors would be an easy undertaking, but we are working on a section of town with tiny ponneloks. Half the battle is getting into these buildings. One evening we did "window tracting" as we now call it. Most of the ponneloks in this area doesn't have a speaker so if the person wants to find out who is at the door they either have to walk all the way down and open the door or just stick their head out the window. Most everyone chooses the easier route. We talk to almost everyone inside the building from their windows. No one wants to let us in though....

We did manage to get into one building and actually talk to a gentleman by the name of Valdamir. He started off saying he is a devout Catholic (who isn't?) but when we showed him the Book of Mormon and had him read the introduction he said, "This book is about Jesus Christ. It is a true book." He is leaving for Hungary soon so we have an appointment to return. :) See, there are people here who recognize truth. We just have to work hard to find them!

Last night was a dream come true for Elder Taylor. Taylor loves soccer, excuse me, I mean "futbol", and he played in college. Well last night we went over to one of our inactives who plays for the Trenčín team and then a teammate of his came over. Taylor was just loving it. Discussing futbol over kofola with two pro futbol players. What exciting lives we lead.

We tried to have a game night saturday night. Its something that they do in some other cites, I think its either a great thing for missionaries to do, or the biggest waste of time. It depends on my mood. Taylor came from Bratislava and they have one of the biggest game nights in the zone and was absolutly disgusted to discover that we do not do that in Trenčín. So we tried it out. We reserved a lane at the bowling alley and invited everyone that we have ever talked to. No one came. So we're going to try just redouble our efforts in teaching more people and getting more members so that game night can run on its own in Trenčín. We'll see how it goes....

I noticed that the pics I sent never went through.... faaaaaantastic. Thats an hour of my pday wasted. I think I'll just mail my card home sometime soon and not worry about it.

Shout outs: Congrats to VDG on the marriage! Who knew it snowed in Mesa?? Also to Rachel Wallace (I guess no longer a "Wallace") on her marriage. Heard it was beautiful!

Welp, I hope everything's fine back home! Peace from the east!

Elder Williams

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