Friday, March 4, 2011

Transfer season!

What an exciting week everyone. I am writing you all from Bratislava! I am flanked by my new companions Elder Nichol and Elder Bacon!! If these names sound familar it is because they were the missionaries I entered the field with. It's like the MTC all over again! We are SO excited for this transfer here's why:
-We are completly unified in how we want to accomplish our goals
-We have a brand new missionary (I hate the word "green")
-Elder Doxey is our District Leader. He has been serving in the Czech Republic and will finish his mission here. I've heard that he is one of the best missionaries here
-Elder Romero is in our district, this is his second transfer
-Elder Walker is also serving here. His Slovak is excellent and he's an even better teacher.
We have a lot of fresh blood here in the city and we are all ready to see it take off to different heights. Our missionary skills will be refined under Doxey's leadership and our Slovak will improve with Walker's help. I'll be keeping you all posted of course. :)
I will miss Trencin a lot. The members there are just so wonderful, but I feel that I need to be here right now and really learn how to be a missionary. lol We will see.
This past week and a half has been pretty busy. It was "transfer season". Pretty much like March Madness with everyone posting there guesses for whos going where. Just a little bit of the missionary culture. We spent a lot of time in the pych ward. I won't say names to protect the innocent. But one of our friends has to stay there for treatment for the next two weeks. Nothing serious, just a minor thing I'm told. He's definitely not crazy, but man, everyone else there is. I loved it. It felt like walking on the set of Girl, Interrupted. We've made a lot of friends there and everyone wants a Book of Mormon! lol One man walks up and down the hall and whenever he gets to us he yells whatever simple phrase he can in English/Slovak to us. For example: "America and Slovakia, friends!" "Rano, obed, vecer. dinner!", "Barack Hussien Obama!" or my favorite, "White House, black man, good combination!" He usually repeats it a couple times then walks away. When he comes back he'll do it again. The best part about seeing people in the hospital is seeing how they dress. Normally hospitals give you hospital gowns, right? In Slovakia they wear bathrobes and slippers. It looks like everyone is getting ready for bed! My kind of people.
Besides the adventures in the hospital it was a pretty slow week. I will keep this short as I will be back on Monday emailing. But here is the new address!

Jamnic Keho 2
84105 Bratislava

Don't worry if you've sent something to the old Trencin address. There are still missionaries there and I will get them... eventually.....

Talk to you all on Monday!!
Elder Williams

ps a loooong over due shout out to Mara Petrovsky who had a birthday in February!!

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