Monday, February 21, 2011

Hey y'all

Have I ever described how Slovaks wear their scarfs on the outside of their jackets? Like around their hood. I can't really accept it yet.

If you read the mission news letter, "Faith to Fly", you would know that we had a very good week numbers wise. The whole Slovak Zone hit at least 56 hours of SOL (Speaking Our Language) and Elder Taylor and I taught 11 lessons and 3 lessons with a member. It was the first time I think that I ever hit standards in SOL. (For those of you who think that I am somewhat compentant in the language by now, guess again. I just don't like to talk about it anymore... :) ) But I am proud of what we accomplished this week. It was definitely a busy one.

Our soccer, err... I mean futbol, player, Fanendo, left. He signed onto a better team in the Ukraine. We helped him pack this week and we now own about 6 pairs of soccer cleats, two bags of clothes, and 5 or 6 other pairs of shoes, and a bunch of other random junk. I managed to fit into 2 of his shoes (he's got big feet) but we will see how long I feel like hauling them around Slovakia....

Our investigator that we have set up for baptism had to postphone it for the 19 of March. We're hoping and praying that he can make it. I know he will be baptized.... eventually. He wants to make sure that he is ready. Who is ever really ready for anything though? He has been reading the Book of Mormon and it is amazing how that book changes people. At first he was really only interested in the history aspect of it, but now he is really seeing how the teachings of those prophets can apply to him. It has taken him about 6 months to read up to Alma, but he KNOWS that first half. He can tell you anything that happened. Which is so good to see. I know that when he is baptized the branch will really benefit from someone with such a deep love and knowledge of the scripture. Plus he would be a priesthood holder in Trenčín which means we would have another person we could teach with!!

My Valentine's Day was uneventful, as a missionaries Vday should be I guess... Thank you Mara for the Valentines, Taylor liked his, but felt a little insulted. (something about he being the robin to my batman) And my Valentines Card came through today mom! Thanks! I loved seeing everyone and it's so comforting knowing that somethings don't change. ps where is Logan in the second one?? :)

Caute! Hope everyone enjoys their Presidents Day! (That's today, right?)

Elder Adam

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