Monday, April 11, 2011

Hey all!

I've had an exhausting p-day so far, and there is still more to do. This morning we had a "tea party" at our friend Tibor's house. Tibor is an older man who has been coming to our English class for about 10 years now. He's great and it was so much fun to just relax and talk to him. It took us about an hour and a half to get there as we kept getting on the wrong tram and second guessing ourselves. Please don't ask why we just didn't call Tibor, you'll just get dirty looks....

It has been quite the week for us here in Bratislava. Things have just been happening that it's hard not to count them all as miracles. On Wednesday we had our "Restoration Day" where we had a goal to give out 20 Restoration pamphlets and get 10 "A#s" (Appointments with a phone number) Since Bratislava had a short supply of the pamplets we only had 13 for each companionship but we managed to give out all of them as well as 20 other Joseph Smith brouches. AND we were the only companionship in the city to get 10 A#s. A feat that Elder Doxey had never heard of happening before. We worked all day and literally took every single oppurtunity to talk to as many people as we could we ended up meeting a lot of very cool new people and we are very excited to see what happens this week and next.

This weekend was also conference weekend for us as we finally got the dvds of the conference. We watched all of Saturday morning in Czech (Slovak comes later for some reason...) And just the missionaries were able to watch the afternoon session in English. We had a fantastic experience on our way to watch it. We were waiting for a meeting inbetween the sessions and this guy, Emil, was way late. Normally we would've left but we stuck around. Then this random guy just walked up and started talking to us. he had lived in America and spoke perfect English. We invited him to watch conference with us- and he agreed to come! But then Emil showed up for our meeting so Karol, random guy, said he would just go to our building at 2 when we would start it. At 2:00 guess who walked into the church building... Karol! We were all estastic! I was panicing at the beginning when the leaders of the church goes though all the business and the goings on over the past year (Which took FOREVER this year) I was worried he would get too bored, but he thought it was all interesting that the church would take that much time out of the conference to let 14 million people know who is serving as what where. When it was all done and the speakers started it was just perfect for someone with interest in the church. After Elder Packer's talk I felt like a prayer had been answered. He gave a PERFECT talk for a non-member to hear. Karol stayed for nearly the whole session missing only Elder Ballard's talk. I asked him how he felt watching it all and he said he enjoyed it a lot. "Like a spiritual reboost". Whch is exaclty how I feel after watching General Conference. He said he would be back Sunday to watch the rest of it. The sad part of the story is that he didn't come and wouldn't give us his number. Lesson: you always get a number!

Tonight we are teaching a FAMILY! We told them about FHE and we will be doing a fun little activity for them. We're excited about it. Any excuse to play minute to win it games, right??

Some shout-outs: Congrats to Helen and Linda at the ol' USAO for an early retirement! Wish you all the luck! And to Catherine for getting into Iowa State. My hat's off you to smarty pants!

Well this week of Awesome April is Member Week, so i will report to see how that goes with you all. Again, I hope everything is good with you all and you will hear from me in about a week! :)

-Starsi Williams

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