Monday, April 25, 2011

We are the Contacters!

**Side note: right now we are in a gaming cafe because it's the only thing open on a holiday. Everyone is playing either a military game or World of Warcraft. From what I can tell the guy next to me is pretty good- he's killing a lot zombies. Uhhh... where am I??**

Sorry this email is so late, we had a busy day. It is Elder Doxey's last p-day and we went over to Bojnice Hrad. I went in November, but it was definitely a better experience in the spring. Being from AZ I really missed out on foilege. The trees look huge now that they are full of green leaves. I made sure my camera was charged, but naturally, I don't have a cable to load my pics into the email. A thousand apologies. The train/bus travel took 3 hours each way so I was able to catch up on my letter writing. But since transfers are next week, y'all are going to have to wait, incase my address changes. (Besides I can't afford to send 10 letters to America right now.... next month)

This past Wednesday was our "contacting day". The entire mission made it a goal to contact as many people as they could. As a mission we talked to over 8,000 people!! We went home abolutely exhausted. My little tri-ship handed out literally hundreds of pass-along cards. We felt pretty good-and we got a couple phone numbers. We are looking forward to seeing what happens with that.

Besides that our week was extremely slow. It seems that the work has just stopped for our area. We can't seem to arrange times to meet with anyone. Because Easter is such a big deal everyone has been telling us to call after the holidays so we're hoping that things look up this week. As the last week of Awesome April our goal is to handout at least one new baptismal date. We have a couple people we have been praying about and we are feeling good about commiting them to making the leap to decide to be baptized. Uvidíme....

Tuesday was a specialized training up in Brno and I left totally rejuvenated for the end of this transfer. Five fantastic missionaries are going home and they were able to bear their testimony for us after the conference. I realized that I hit my 8 month mark today, and while I still have SO much to go I realize that the time really is short and that it is slipping away. I really look up to these Elders going home and I hope that I can one day measure up to their example and ability. I know that it will just take time and diligence to develop into the missionary that the Lord wants and needs me to be. I really feel that I have finally adjusted to being myself while wearing the nametag. Thank goodness.

No shout outs, but I did receive a mystry letter from Germany written in German. I need an interpreter. Anyone?

Like I mentioned earlier transfers end next week, so try not to send anything to the Bratislava address anymore. Wait until after May 4th when I'll email again. Chances are Elder Bacon and I will stay in Dhly Diely (I REALLY hope so) But you never know. My tri-ship has never been better and we have had such a great time together. Our new favorite past time after dinner is to sign/interpret Mo-Tab songs. My companions also have this voice they've developed that I won't miss. Think of the Hoops and YoYo cards but with helium. I can't figure out how they do it... Their companionship is something I'm really thankful for. Despite the hard time we've had with our numbers we keep encouraging each other to keep working hard.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Starsi Williams

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