Monday, May 16, 2011


This week I spent about 15 hours on a train. That pretty much sums up my week. We had a District Leader training in Brno that was fantastic! And to top off the great training I saw Sister Bartholomew! It seems that I can never see my two Czech sisters together, only separately. She is doing really well and it was a lot of fun to see her. Anyways, I really got a lot out of the training that I'm looking forward in applying. I realized that there is SO much that goes into being a DL that really made me wonder, "Why me?" It will definitely give me a good opportunity to learn and grow I guess. So far I love it. I just get excited thinking about and planning district meetings and our weekly call-ins. I regret not taking advantage of them as a normal missionary. I definitely took both of those things for granted. I tried to apply the things we learned in DM to my work, and I mostly thought call-ins were a waste of time. But now I desperately hope that my missionaries get as much as they can out of DM and recognize the chance they have to bring up concerns and really discuss their area with someone that really cares during call-ins. (Note for the lost: call-ins are every Sunday night where we report what happened that week. ex: how many lessons taught, what the missionaries have been doing to bring others closer to Christ, talk about concerns, etc). My old trainer, Elder Bodily, is the new Zone Leader as of last transfer, and he calls me so that I can report my district's activities. It's been kind of fun working with him in a new way.
Elder Stansfield and I have been working really hard to find this family that we want to bring into the church. We've been doing some serious contacting and tracting. So far we haven't been seeing the results we want to see. But we have been working on some goals that we have real control over, mainly SOL (Speaking Our Language). We actively spoke 70 hours of Slovak this week--which is more than I have ever spoken on my mission. The other area in Kosice spoke 101! I am so proud of my district. We are really trying to show the Lord that we are unified in a purpose and willing to work hard so that He can trust us enough to send the elect our way.
Some shout outs (of course): Congrats to "Brother" Fish-previously known as "Elder"-for getting a job at the MTC. That's a real way to ensure a legacy in a mission. And to Elder Meredith for being a champ. (Elder Durrant requested a special shout out for him) He's being a great trainee for Elder Durrant, I hope I get to serve with him.
We got an interesting email today from the mission home, apparently the Czech Republic changed a customs law regarding packages. If it exceeds $28 worth of stuff they will detain it at the post office and you have to pick it up with a passport. This a problem as I am 12 hours away from Prague. The Mission Home will have a power of attorney to pick up anything that might be there for us, but they are asking that we tell people at home not to send more then $28 worth of stuff. (Which shouldn't be a problem, I'm not worth $28 anyway :)
I would be ungrateful if I didn't say thank you to the Woods for a perfect Easter package! And to Julie for the b-day package. The Woods got me some Doritos, which are ALWAYS good, and some other fun treats, and Julie got me a sweet tie-very festive. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Besides all that, it's been a little quiet in Kosice. Hoping it's just the calm before the storm. This will be a crazy week, with a "closing ceremony" for a service project the church did east of Kosice and a District Conference, back in Brno this weekend, should be fun!

Have fun this week and try to stay out of the heat you Arizonans! (Yesterday it was 11 degrees celcius :)

Starsi Williams

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