Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Monday already?


How has everyone been this week? My week has been crazy busy, but per usual, it was a good week! We started off with a closing ceremony with our Humanitarian Couple, the Stiles (who are the BEST) on Tuesday. They did a project for a shelter in Michalovice that takes care of pretty much everyone. The homeless, the handicapped, and orphans. The ceremony was their way of thanking us for the work we did. They did a dancing presentation that was so much fun to watch! Then they fed us SO much food. I was full until Thursday.
The week kinda took a turn for the worse when Elder Walker got sick Wednesday afternoon. Thursday he and his companion, Elder Milot had to go to Bratislava for Visa work. We had a conference in Brno on Sunday so they stayed there on Saturday-but Walker got sick again so they went all the way back to Kosice instead. So they spent about 5 days out of their area unable to work. But they managed to find one new investigator and speak 100 hours of Slovak. I am so proud of my district!
The District conference in Brno was so good! Even if it meant that I was on a train for 9 hours on Sunday. (and 6 the day before...I'm not kidding, Kosice is out there) An Area Authority from Italy spoke about the Rome Temple and the absolute miracle that only two years has passed between the announcement and the ground breaking. Impossible to do in Rome for a compound that large. The members of Italy, he said, believed that they would have a temple of their own. One day. He expected to wait 15 years for an announcement. The Saints in Italy were willing to wait patiently. But he said that when the Lord decides to do something, He does it. Hnd He decided that the Italians were ready for a temple. Now. We have to decide whether or not we will be in a position to be ready, willing, and waiting to help. He descibed the work like a train with the doors open and most of us are milling around thinking we have all the time to get on. He told us that the engines are running and the doors are begining to close. GET ON! It really got me excited because I have been thinking about my area and it really feels that we have so much time before the work really progresses. But one day it is just going to hit us, and we will be ready to find those that the Lord has prepared. I have an inkling that I'll see that happen, but maybe that is just wishful thinking.
This week we have specialized training in Zlina, I'm looking forward to it. Some new things to think about for District Meetings. :)

So what is with all the weddings for the Bird family?? I believe I already sent a shout out/congrats to Matthew, but I had no idea that Michelle got engaged! Wahoo! That is so exciting. I kind of feel bad for the twins though. Their family has changed so much since they left! lol But I guess I will come home to just Aaron..... Lucky him.

Hope everyone has a great week! Talk to you later,

Starsi Williams

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