Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving! Round 2!

First up, apologies for not emailing on Monday-our pday got moved to Thanksgiving and I forgot to let you know. Oops. We have some things on plan that I'm pretty excited about. We are going over to a member's house for a big Thanksgiving dinner. We're all pitching in and having a feast. I made sweet potatoes this morning (shout out to Sister Stiles in Kosice for the help :) and I am just so excited to eat. My companion is from England and doesn't quite get the holiday. "So do you, like, exchange gifts or something??" "Is it really just food? Like, that's all you do, is eat?" He's willing to celebrate though and is thankful with the rest of us Americans for the chance to chow down. :) It should be better than last Thanksgiving when all we had to eat was frozen pizza.

I think I mentioned last week that my area here has been really slow. This last week and a half has seen some interesting results and we're starting to recognize success everywhere around us. The investigators we have are making exciting progress and I am regaining some fire over the work. It is so humbling and exhilarating to be a first hand witness of someone coming to know that the Book of Mormon is true, and that this whole thing that we're doing is true. That God actually has a plan laid out for us so that we can be happy! It's amazing to see the light that illuminates a person when they bear testimony for the first time, or give a prayer for the first time. I'm convinced that we're going to see some cool things in the upcoming transfer.

On Sunday a member of the District Presidency came down for church and he and his wife spoke. It is was welcome relief for this little branch. They got to hear from someone new for a change. Afterwards he spoke to the missionaries privately and just thanked us for the work that we have been doing in Zilina. The District cares a lot about this city (they care about every branch I'm sure) and he just passed a message of thanks from the District Presidency. Sometimes I think too small. Like the work I do will only affect the city I'm in. But in reality, I'm helping to grow the church on every level. Missionary work is hard. :)

Shout outs to the Mowers on the baby announcement! I am so excited to meet baby Blair! And I'm glad Jet hasn't forgotten me ;) And a congrats to Jesse for a job well done. Can you believe he's home already? I can. It feels like he has been gone FOREVER. lol annnnnnd HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY! I had an exchange with Elder Walker on your birthday and in the morning I announced that you had turned 21 and he says, "My sister has her birthday today too!" I wish we could say we celebrated for your birthday, but we spent the whole day tracting. :)

I love you all and I am so grateful for all of your support. It means so much to me. I promise I think about you all constantly-even if I never write you letters. :)
s Laskou,
Starsi Williams

ps how did you do on your senior comp project, Logan? Can you believe you're graduating in May? I can't. Then you'll be a missionary like me. :) (Except probably better)

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