Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hello from....

Zilina!!! (Sh-e-lee-na)Sunday night I got a call that I would be moving to Zilina today! I left this morning and I've already gotten settled in. I am serving with Elder Tomlinson from England! (Interesting tidbit: Our Fathers served in the same mission at the same time in Scotland. Say what?!?) He served about half of his mission on the Czech side, but came down here about 9 months ago to be the Branch President in Zilina. This is his last transfer.
Here's the make-up to the new District (I love them already)

-Elder Walker-- you should already be familiar with him. He's one of my fav missionaries :)
-Elder McCellan-- He's from Las Vegas and this is his second transfer. He was trained by Elder Walker and they stuck together
-Elder Gibson-- he hails from Blackfoot, Idaho. Since Elder Walker is leaving 6 weeks into the transfer he'll be with Elder McCellan for the last 3. He's been serving in the Czech Republic most of his mission.
and in Trencin, we have:
-Elder Romero-- from Utah. We served with each othe rin Blava. He likes to make comic books.
-Elder Sell-- he's from Wisconsin. (Exotic, right?) He just got trained last transfer.

I was crushed to leave Kosice, I already miss Elder Zabriskie. The "kids" Marek, Lenka and Ivett, all came to the station to see me off. But I am so excited to come to Zilina and see what we can do here! There is just a good energy here and I've always heard that the members here are wonderful! It was about time for me to move and I'll probably stay in Zilina for a little bit. Uvidime.

Shoutouts: Congrats Karen on finishing school! Can't believe you graduated already! And a Masters program while pregnant? Girl, you crazy!

Elder Zabriskie and I had a good last week. We went to the Zoo last Monday as a district and had a fantastic time. It's HUGE! The biggest in central Europe "in terms of size". Not a lot of animals, but lots of walking! It's up in the middle of hills covered with trees and it was just a chill day walking around seeing the fall colors with the odd lion and monkey here and there.

Glad to hear that everyone is doing well back home. I am sorry that Aaron pulled a muscle. I was enjoying the sports update.

I love you all and I'll talk to you next Monday! Soon!

Elder Williams

ps here's the new address-

čajakova 15
010 01

I expect more letters. :p

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