Thursday, December 8, 2011

Are you ready for this?

Hey family

This has been an interesting week. We managed to teach one lesson (yes, just one) and not feel like going home. So that's good! Elder Tomlinson and I are happy and that's most important.

Yesterday President Irwin came to Zilina for church to release Elder Tomlinson as Branch President and then I was called to fill his place. It's something that I had know since the beginning of the transfer--but I thought that maaaaybe, just maybe, it wouldn't work out and President would change his mind. Nope. It's official. All the members already knew the change was happening just because Elder Tomlinson is leaving pretty soon. They have been calling me "buduci Prezident" since I got here. Takes a lot of humility to call a 22 year old "Prezident" I think. I've been thinking a lot about the new responsibility and trying not to get too overwhelmed. I'm expected to keep up a healthy area which has been hard enough (remember how many lessons we taught?) and then be the ecclesiastical leader of a group of Slovaks here in Zilina and Banska. (which reminds me, I really need to learn this language....) But I'm ready to hit the ground running--it's about the only thing I know how to do at this point. I have some exciting plans for my area and this branch and I'm looking forward to what will happen in the next 9 months or so. It will be nice not having to worry about transfers, ever. I'm here til the end pretty much. Lord knows I hate packing. :)

That's pretty much all the news from this side of world.I have some travelling this weekend so I'm hoping I can write some letters. I have a training in Brno on the new financial system- all the Branch Presidents are invited.....

I love you all and I'm praying and thinking about you all the time! I hope you're doing the same for me! ;)
Hope everything is perfect!

Elder Williams

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