Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Service project

Hey all!It was so good to talk to you on Sunday! It really hasn't felt like it's been that long since I last talked to you. Just 6 months. Looking forward to Mother's Day! This has been a relatively slow week. The highlight being Prague. Of course. I hope I can go to Prague when it's not cold someday. We had a great conference/talent show. The talent portion lasted about an hour and a half longer than we had planned so everything else was a little rushed. But the afternoon part of the conference was good as well. We got another big group photo too so I'll try to send that home asap. (Meaning it will probably go home with me on the plane...)Yesterday was "service day" and we spent the majority of the day in the building organizing everything. It looks so good! We're almost done. We recently got the walls painted and the got the pictures hung and more should be coming soon. We're starting to look like a real church building now. I'm please. We've discovered boxes and boxes of random brochures, magazines and manuals that no one uses. Even if EVERY member of the church in Slovakia took one and used it we would still have too many. Not sure what to do with it all--seeing as this is the only country that would use Slovak materials. How was everyone's Christmas? I hope it was perfect and you got what you wanted. I'm going to enjoy the tortilla soup tonight--thanks for that. :) And I love the CDs you sent. They really were a life saver.Sorry for the quick email, but I don't have a whole lot to report. Elder Tomlinson and I are going to give it our all this week to make sure we come out with something. (This is his second to last week, but don't tell him-- I don't think he realizes it yet.. :) Love you, miss you, have a great New Year!Elder Williams

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