Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ahoj Rodina

Well another P-day is here and I can't believe I'm pushing 4 weeks. It feels like months already. The monotonous schedule of the MTC has finally set in. I'm ready to just get out of here! I'm trying to stay focused and pay attention in class but everyday around 2:30 I have this overwhelming urge to just run out of the classroom and away from Provo. We've started to repeat meals here and I drown everything in Cholulu sauce to get some kind of flavor. I'm hoping there will be hot sauce readily available in Slovakia. Some of the Elders here are starting to drive me crazy. Sometimes I'm very impressed with them- other times I'm reminded that they are just fresh out of high school. (And I can say that because I'm SOOOOOO much older and mature than than that ;)
Good news! Elder Meiling got his visa a couple days ago (it's actually been sitting on someones desk this entire time. whoops!) and he is en route to Prague as of 5:00 this morning!! He should just be leaving Chicago for London right about now, then Prague. We're very excited that he's able to finally get out here but we're sad that he has to leave us. Hopefully we'll run into him in Prague.
Elder Bacon got sick a couple days ago but has made a whole recovery. He just had a slight fever and a little achy. He went to bed early a couple nights and I made sure he's been drinking plenty of fluids. You can't miss one day here at the MTC. On Sunday all of the Elders in the district wore matching ties- courtesy of Elder Freeman's mom and on Friday we had "missionary part" day where we all parted our hair like old school missionaries. I'll send pictures if I ever get around to the photo developer. That's about as exciting as things get around here.
Tonight we have our Tuesday night devotional where a General Authority comes and speaks. It's my favorite part of being here at the MTC. Last week Lowell Snow and his wife spoke and first off, I want Elder Snow's job. He got his masters in Counseling or something and went on to Law School. He made a career out of legal consultation for companies. Anyways, they spoke to us about choices and how they all lead us somewhere. Pretty basic stuff, but they asked us to really think about what kinds of choices have we, as missionaries, have made that lead us to the MTC and to make sure that those choices were made for the right reasons. After really thinking about it over the week it feels so good to know that I am here primarily because I love the Gospel. And after hearing mission stories from our teachers I can say that I love how the Gospel changes people's lives and I am working hard at honing in on my teaching skills that I may more effectively be able to teach those that want to learn so that their lives and relationships can be better! All of us has to live, and love, the Gospel so well that it's contagious!
Hope everything is good at home and that Dad had a great birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Until next week!

Starši Williams

here are my demands: I need two pieces of sheet music. How Great Thou Art, it has a blue cover and I Stand All Amazed arranged by Spencer Magnum. They should both be around the piano. (duh..) you can just copy it, that way I don't have to worry about it coming back in one piece. Sister Anderson is our Music Coordinator and needs someone to do a musical number during sacrament meeting. Don't worry, no rush. :)

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