Tuesday, September 28, 2010

co je to za tento tyžden! (What is with this week?!)

Tue, September 28, 2010 2:50:05 PM

It's email time!

Man oh man, what a week. It has probably been the worst week I've had so far. Not sure why. The rest of the district felt that way too. I think we're just tired, scratch that, exhausted. BUT we all talked about it last night during Family Home Evening and we have reevauluated and we're going to try a little harder to get all we can out of this experience. Elder Freeman (from now on to be known as the FHE Master) had an activity for us where we followed the Anti-Lehi-Nephites' example and "buried our swords". Those people gave up their weapons of war and promised to never fight again. Instead they would put their trust in the Lord that He would recognize their sacrifice and bless them. So we each had our own sword, as well as a district sword, and buried it. As a district we decided to bury negativity. We're just going to roll with the punches and make these last 4 weeks (ugh....) the best we've ever had! And personally I'm going to give up judgments on others. It might be too hard for me... but I'll try. lol
Despite the crappy week the past couple days I have managed to find some motivation for getting this language down. As you can see from my new favorite phrase: "čo je to, za" (Cho ye toe za) Meaning "what is with -insert whatever is ticking you off" (I feel like Slovaks would like Jerry Seinfeld. "Whats the deal with....?!" or whatever he says)
We're teaching the first lesson IN SLOVAK on Thursday (which might be the source of this new found motivation) I'm really nervous about it. But I've learned that fasting and praying really works when we feel we're inadequate for the challenges in front of us.
As far as updates goes: Elder Bacon is singing in the Priesthood choir on Saturday for General Conference, so that's pretty cool. I'm jealous I don't get to go to Conference with him but I'll manage to live through it. We also got two new roommates on Wednesday. Elder Truman and Tuimongua are pretty cool -- despite taking all my extra closet and desk space...-- and so far I've really enjoyed rooming with them. They are going to Minnesota and leave a week before me. I'm a little bitter about that....
Hope everyone is doing well at home. Sorry for the short emails, but life just isn't that exciting here at the MTC.

Starši Williams

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