Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 30

Is is almost June already?? Man, it feels like this month just started.

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. Per usual, the week was busy and full of missionary work. :)

As I have said before this work in Kosice has been SLOW. But we have been determined to speed it up a little bit. We had a bit of a crazy week again with more travelling. The Stiles, our Humanitarian couple needed some interpreters to help start a couple projects. So we went out with them for a day, and the other Elders went out the next day with them. It was a lot of fun, I love the Stiles, but it felt good to get back in my area and work. On Thursday we had specialized training in Zlina that really helped us put things into perspective. I had a private sit down with President afterwards, going over some concerns I had with the area and I learned how intimately he knows what is going on, what the challenges are, who we are, ect. Even though he is 700 kilometers away in Prague he really knows each one of us missionaries and cares about our success. I came away knowing that we are not forgotten far, far away in Kosice.

On Friday I held a district meeting that I was the most worried about so far. We were ending yet another week with 0s all across the board. I realize that numbers are just numbers, but when all of them are 0s it gets hard to stay motivated. I really prayed and fasted to know what it is that this district needs to do. We decided to change our goals a little bit and talk about things that we can change to make us more effective.
I had an exchange planned that day with Elder Walker, and things started happening. We taught 3 different people, found some new investigators and some exciting potentials. The same things were happening in my area! We ended this week with numbers that this district hasn't seen in a year. The crowning event had to be when the other area here, Elder Walker and Milot, extended a baptismal date to a woman who accepted it. We're all buzzing with excitement with a baptism on the plan. And we're pumped to go out and reach our goals that we set at the beginning. :) I know that when we go forward with faith and continue doing the things that we set out to do that the Lord will either tell us to change, or make things happen. He did both for this district and I am so proud of them.

Today I am shotting off to Prague! To Olomoc tonight, then Prague in the morning. We have a mission conference with Elder Pearson. His son is in the mission and is leaving a little early and so he is coming to pick him up. Because he'll be in the area he asked to speak to all the missionaries again. Elder Pearson already came for a mission tour in October, just before I came, but all of the missionaries haven't stopped talking about that visit. So I am very excited to finally hear the man myself. And to be back in Prague. It is hands down the most gorgeous city in the world. We'll be back out of our area for another 3 days, which is a shame.... I'm looking forward to a full week working in Kosice. But as long as things continue going on this climb I'll be happy.

Hope everything is going fine at home. How was your birthday Logan?? You're 18 now! Holy cow! Did you see that one coming Mom? Did you do anything fun? You probably went to the lake, so yes, you did.
Oh, and pass the word to sis Gardner that I don't know Daniel, the guy in the video. He's in Prague and I am far far away down in Kosice. But I hope to meet him soon!

Hope all is well! Till next week,

Starsi Williams

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