Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trains, Caves and General Authorities

Hello everyone! Sorry the email is a day late. We got our p-day changed this week to today so that we could see a castle and explore some caves. You see, everything in this country is closed on Mondays so we have to change things up if we have something cool on the plan.

We started this week off in Prague- a GREAT way to start any week off really. While it meant being on a train for a total of 18 hours this week, it was so worth it. We stayed in Olomouc Monday night so our travel was thankfully broken up. We stayed with Elder Blair and Elder Rigby, two "way cool" Elders in the Czech Republic that I wish I served around. In Prague we had a conference with Elder Pearson of the Seventy. It was really an amazing experience and I took away SO much from that meeting. He taught us a little about everything. My favorite highlights: :Repentance is for YOU, forgiveness is for everyone else" "People treat you the way you teach them to treat you" "When you choose a negative emotion, the Holy Ghost leaves. Make the decision - Do I want the Spirit or do I want this emotion?" "The Lord doesn't send his elect to those not unified" and my favorite (well, I have tons of favorites) "We need more people sharing miracles and spiritual experiences AFTER their mission, not FROM thier mission" I learned that the purpose of the mission is to make me a better leader, husband, father, and church member. At the end he showed a clip of Elder Holland's January 2011 Mtc devotional about what it means to be a disciple of Christ. I want to get my hands on the whole talk, because I got a whole page of notes from the 10 minutes Elder Pearson showed. We tried to keep the feelings and inspiration we got from that meeting into the work we had this week, but the train ride killed it for me. We didn't get back into Kosice until 5:30, just in time for English class. But this week is a fresh one and I am determined to make it a good one!

The rest of the week went by pretty normally. Elder Stansfield and I had a pretty rough week I think, in terms of meetings getting cancelled and some tiffs in the companionship. The stress of nothing happening was getting to us I think. But we had a good heart to heart and things are back to where they should be. Nothing is worse than being in a non functioning companionship, and nothing is better than a good companionship. And Elder Stansfield and I have a very good thing going. Even if the rest of the transfer goes the way it's been going we have this companionship relationship to be proud of.

Our little excursion today was very nice. The Stiles rented a van and we went to a castle and some caves. The cave was very cool. (I'm begining to realize that after you see one castle, you've pretty much seen them all) There were a ton of school groups at the castle, but we were the only ones at the caves. It was a cool 9.9 (48F) degrees inside. When we got out of the cave it felt like we walked into Jamica. I finally get humity. And I don't like it. It won't been terribly hot outside, but the humity kills me. Luckily, unlike AZ where when you think you can't handle the heat anymore it just gets hotter, here the clouds just pour rain. Literally buckets. 15 minutes later there's not a drop, and you feel SO much better. Yesterday we got caught in this surprise storm-I've attached a picture. I already know I look like a goober, so please, don't remind me.

Shoutouts: Congrats to Ali Hayes for a mission call to Calgary! (have I already sent you a shout out?) I hear it's COLD out there! And of course to Brother Starling. Congrats and good luck to the married life! You're picture and annoucement are now hanging on our wall of fame in the Kosice building, right alongside Van de Graf. :)

I'm glad everyone is doing well. Hows the new job Emily? And I heard about Logan's carmel apple... lol How was your b-day bash?? I'm doing good, eating well, (The Stiles made the BEST steak I've ever had) and staying healthy. :) I'll hear from you all soon!

s laskou

Elder Williams

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