Monday, July 18, 2011

Greetings from Brno!

Say what? I have been in Brno for the past week working here. Let me explain: We had a leadership training on Wednesday (more on that) and we have another "Specialized Training" tomorrow here- all in Brno. Because it takes about a day and a half to travel President ok'ed me staying in Brno so I can spend more time working and less time on a train. I saved myself 30 euros and about 14 hours on a train. Elder Williams does not like trains.

Not sure where to begin with this past week. On Wednesday Elder Bodily and I taught a sweet lesson, then I had to literally run to the train station and get on a train to Bratislava for the night. I met up with Elder Walker in Zlina. He's doing well being back in Zlina-he'll have been there for 10 months by the time this transfer ends. He's a good travel companion and I am sorry I am no longer in his District. He's been with me since the beginning! In Bratislava we met up with Elder Durrant and went to his apartment- it took us forever because we needed to find food and our temporary bus passes expired so we had to walk from the store. We went to bed absolutely exhausted. We woke up at around 4:30 to catch our train at 6 only to be 3 minutes late for the bus that would get us there in time! When another bus came we ran the entire way from the stop to the station only to see our train pull away from the platform! So we return the tickets we had impatiently bought and ran over to the bus station to see if there was a bus we could take. Miraculously there was one that left at 7:30 that would get us there just in time! When we got to Brno our tram broke down! BUT we were able to hop on another one and we were only 8 minutes late. Did I mention that none of us had our phones on us?? I am never traveling without a phone again.

The Leadership conference was great. The last one I went to was really specific on the ins and outs of being a mission leader. This one was more like a conference. We talked about the Doctrine of Christ and applying it more into our work. It's a theme that's been hit on again and again-but every time we talk about it I gain a new insight into what the doctrine of Christ means for me. It's obvious to me now that the Book of Mormon is essential if you want to have any sort of personal relationship with God or our Savior. And any relationship that is already had with them can be made that much stronger when applying the teachings of the BofM. After the training I was tossed around a little bit between the Brno Elders as everyone was trying to hook back up with their companion. They've made me an honorary member of the Brno District. My companions are Elder Bailey from Snowflake, AZ and Elder Pearson from Mt. Shasta, CA. They are fantastic missionaries and I've really loved working with them. They've taught me a lot and I'll be applying what they do here to my work in Slovakia. We've spent the past couple days meeting with members here (I had my first knedlicky... so good!), tracking down referrals, teaching and finding, and quoting "The District" as often as we could. They've included me in virtually everything from lesson planning, weekly planning, to their Zone Leader Training. I was going to be a part of their presentation but I figured it would be kind of strange if I wasn't at my own Zone Training. (Seeing as we are not even in the same zone!) The rest of my district includes Elder Monk from CT, Elder Gabrielson from New Harmony, UT (it's his first transfer here!), Elder Bown from Switerland, Elder Uremovich from Layton, UT, Elder Dietrich from Germany, Sister Bartholomew (she was SO excited I was staying in Brno!), Sister Smith Idaho Falls, and Sister Martsoff from Colorado. HUGE district, right?? Mine has 4 Elders and in 5 weeks it will just be Elder Stansfield and me! They are definitely a tight knit district and it's great to see and be a part of--even for a little bit.

Not a lot news to share-- seeing as I've been out of my area all week, not sure what's been going on.... But I am ready for specialized training and to jump start this week some Brno energy! Love you all and hope to hear from you all soon! Send me some pics of Lake Powell!

Elder Williams

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