Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lets switch things up...

Or not!

Transfers were today, we get our "transfer calls" Monday night and Elder Stansfield and I got the call that we were both staying in Kosice, together! A little anti-climatic... Every transfer I've had so far there have been big changes, so I get the feeling that by the time Elder Stansfield and I do go our separate ways it will feel like one, loooong transfer. We're very excited though. We got some big stuff in the works. Elder Walker and Milot have been transfered out. Both will be District Leaders! I've taken credit for getting them ready. :) They called me yesterday and asked if I could teach them to be district leaders. lol I did a similar thing that Elder Doxey did with Elder Nichol and I. I was flattered. To replace them Elder Bodily and Elder McGowan will be coming. They are going home in 6 weeks so Elder Stansfield and I will be taking over their area for the last 3 weeks and we will be the lone wolves in the outpost of the mission. Some exciting news from transfers: good ol' Elder Nichol is one of the new Zone Leaders!

This last week of the transfer we managed to reach most of our goals! We reached our 1000 hours of SOL, found 5 new investigators (one short), got someone to church and yesterday Elder Stansfield and I might have found our family! I testify to you all that miracles happen after you've put in most of the work! This family, at least the wife and grandma, are super nice and were really excited to see us when we knocked on the door. Something we don't get most of the time. She started asking about church, loved the Book of Mormon and the fact that we have the priesthood. They are coming to the building tomorrow to get a grand tour of the building. We're hoping the whole family comes. The husband left the room when we came in... but it's a family nonetheless.

As well as finding our family, we found a young guy who has a agreed to be baptized on July 30! We found him the day we left for our Zone Conference and while we've only had two meetings with him he's really soaked up what we've taught. He's been reading the Book of Mormon and so far he just "gets it". We showed him the Restoration film and afterwards told him, "Through this restoration God has given man the authority to baptize. Do you want to be baptized?" And with tears in everyone's eyes, he said "Of course! I've already been baptized, but that doesn't matter now." **Future missionaries: the most effective way to teach is definitely by testifying** We're meeting him again tonight to go over some more stuff on what baptism means and what he's getting into. lol He's really excited about it all and really has an attitude of "If it's true, what else matters?" Something we all need.

Some shout outs: Happy (belated) birthday Brother Baughman!

I'm really excited about this upcoming transfer. Elder Stansfield and I talked a little but and we came up with some things that we want to work on and what we want to see happen. I've renewed my determination to be the missionary that the Lord needs me to be. I have to continue to develop and push myself. Sometimes I wonder if I put too much pressure on myself to grow, so I'm going to try to take all the focus off of me, and instead focus on my missionaries. Get them to see the potential that they have and motivate them to reach it. The pickle is, how do I give missionaries who have been in leadership roles longer then I have been on a mission a fresh look at how they can reach even greater heights? I love a challenge.

Hope everything has been good with you all. The weather here is NOT summer weather. I have been cold all week. COLD IN JULY! It's absurd. It has not stopped raining. But it definitely beats 115 with no end in sight.

I'll talk to you all on Monday-our regular email time.


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