Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July 11, 2011

This has been a loooong 5 days. Funny because Elder Stansfield and I started off the transfer saying to each other, "This is going to be the shortest transfer yet!"

The mission has really cracked down on some of the nitty gritty rules of missionary life, mainly email stuff. We get an hour to do our emailing and it's only to immediate family. Not much will change for me. But I could always be a little more willing to be more obedient, right? Anyone can still email me, I just won't be able to email back-- just make sure I have your address and I'll send you a card. :)

The new Zone Leaders have really started to push us to make some goals and work to make them happen. We ended the week without anyone new people in our teaching pool and I asked Elder Andersen what our problem is (I figure he has all the answers, he used to be an AP after all....). I used to be able to find new investigators every single week. It was never a big problem with finding someone new. (They wouldn't progress, but that's another issue...) Elder Andersen just asked if it's something that I've prayed for. It hit me like a truck. I've been saying I want to teach more people and see new people progress-and I have been working for it-but I've failed big time to ask God for them and more importantly to ask WHERE THEY ARE SO WE CAN TALK TO THEM! Missionary work would be a breeze if it wasn't so hard to remember all the little things... I want a lot of things: more patience, faith, hope, language and teaching skills, etc etc and they will be things I'll be praying for more specifically as time goes on. I know that by continuing to put the work I have been putting into acquiring those things, coupled with simply asking God for them, one day I will have them.

Our baptismal date went to church yesterday and LOVED it. The Ženy loved him as well and I think he felt right at home. We're working on making him feel more ready for baptism. He's progressing so much and gets so excited about what he's been reading in the Book of Mormon. That book is so true and it's such a blessing to see someones life change for the better as a result of applying its teaching. July 30 is coming up!

Elder Bodily and Elder McGowan have been a huge boost in this district. They only have 6 weeks left before they go home and they have been putting in their all. I've resolved to live up to their example and start working like they are. Work as if I only had 6 weeks left. Work as if I had all the skills they have. Be what I want to become in essence. I regret how I handled my first transfer with Elder Bodily, he really is one of the best I've worked alongside with and I'm grateful for the chance to be around him again and try to learn the things I missed.

Today we're going to check out some of the kostels around town. It's full of them and I might as well check out some centuries old architecture while I'm here, right? This week it's back to Brno for Leadership Training! I'll be doing another slew of letters on that 8 hour haul. At least there is always a good lunch on the other end :)

Love you all and hope you have a fantastic time at Lake Powell. Don't worry, no jealousies here- just send me some pictures!

-Elder Williams

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