Monday, October 10, 2011

3.Octobra 2011

Hello everyone!
This has been a quick week! (Seeing as I just emailed) Not much to report, sadly. I always feel bad when I have nothing exciting or nothing long to send you. I imagine that my emails are the highlight of your week and you cannot wait til the next one. And throughout the week I'm all you ever talk about. If that is not the case, please don't ruin the fantasy.

This morning we had the first church sponsored marathon in Kosice!! Attendance: 7 Distance: Maybe 3 miles, max. Yesterday was the Kosice marathon, the 2nd oldest marathon in the world (right behind Boston). And because it was on Sunday Ivett couldn't run in it. So we ran with her this morning. At the end Lenka made a little medallion for her and we sang We are the Champions and the end. This whole running thing is great, despite the running. ;) But I'm looking forward to doing something different next week.

Saturday night was Biele Noc (White Night) where the whole town gets ready for the marathon. The park had an interesting light exhibit. I would love to come back to Kosice during the marathon season. The city is full of festivities that I really can't take apart in as a missionary. Mostly because they all start after 9..... Yea, we're getting ready for bed then.

Our "people" here are doing pretty well. Still reading and praying about the Book of the Mormon and our two dates are still slated for their baptisms. Have I ever said that it's an exciting time to be in Kosice? I literally never want to leave this city.

As a mission we have been reading from the Book of Mormon 10 pages a day and marking whenever we see references to the atonement. We were all given clean books and pencils to do our marking and it has been a great experience. I always knew that the BofM had some pretty powerful passages about the atonement and helped us understand what it means for us, but as I have been reading with the purpose to find those other smaller references to the atonement I've discovered that it is littered with references to Christ and his sacrifice. There really is no argument that the BofM testifies of Christ. We've been at it for about 2 weeks now and should all finish together in a couple weeks. This challenge came at the perfect time, I had just lost my scriptures (I think I left them at a bus stop! :( ) and then I got a new Book of Mormon! But I really miss a bible dictionary etc. I'll be ordering some new scriptures, so no worries parents.

Other then that, Elder Zabriskie and I are doing well. He embarrasses me sometimes when he refuses to eat. (Sister Zabriskie, I'm trying to make sure your son eats! I promise) But he just likes bread and chocolate milk. (I swear, it's like serving with one of my brothers!) We get along great and I'm terrified for transfers. I don't want him to leave me.

I hope everyone is doing well today. I think about you often and you're always in my prays!

Elder Williams

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