Monday, October 10, 2011

A Conference Just for Me :)

To those who read Adam's blog....I am sorry I did not post the last two weeks...our computer was being difficult and I didn't get back in and post them right away....all is here now. Sorry!! Thanks for reading, supporting him, and thinking about the people in Slovakia!

Hey everyone!!!
It was conference weekend for us here in Kosice and it was definitely a boost that I needed. It's amazing, really. I tell people everyday, literally everyday that living prophets walk the earth and we just heard from them. They truly are inspired leaders and it felt like they were speaking to me. Almost the entire active branch came to watch conference. We had an English room for the missionaries and a Czech room for the members. (Slovak is still a little hazy for me. And Czech? forget it.) They LOVED it. Esp. our new members. It was def a good experience for them. Coupled with my reading of the Book of Mormon I feel like I have some added strength to keep on pushing and keep working hard. I know that the Lord truly loves me and he gives me help that I need.
This past week was the start of "Outrageous October". In an effort to boost our faith and our depleted teaching pools we're having some special weeks. Last week was all about conference and living prophets. We found some cool people with focusing on that and we're excited to meet with them this week. This week it's "Our Week". We're focusing on developing some Christlike Attributes and our Slovak. I'm def. excited to see the effects a good dedicated week like this will do for us personally as missionaries and then the affect it will undoubtedly have on Kosice.

I am SO pumped for Emily! Let the countdown begin! Missionaries here ask me all the time how the process is for the papers and they will all be excited to hear that it's almost here!!

I love you all so much, sorry this email is so brief, but know that I am ok and that I love you!

Elder Williams

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