Monday, October 24, 2011

The Game of Catch Up

Hey everyone!
Hope everything is good back home, where ever you are. It feels like a tone has happened that I need to catch you up on.

October 11- A Canadian Thanksgiving. Apparently Canadians celebrate their Thanksgiving at the beginning of October and think it;s silly to wait til the end of November. Lucky for us Americans, the Stiles cooked us a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving. (It looks EXACTLY like an American one) Turkey, cranberry sauce, yams, the works. I actually had yams this year and they were SO good. Grandma, I'm SO sorry I never had your yams before. I was truly missing out.

There, I think you're all caught up. Last night the Stiles made their famous enchiladas for us. They are my favorite. (ps I think I've gained some weight since arriving in Kosice).

This past week we had some contacting focuses. We had a lot of fun and really wore ourselves out finding specific people to teach. Not a whole lot of immediate success though... :( On Saturday we bussed out to a little village outside of Kosice where there is ONE church that EVERYONE (except for one Jehovah's Witness family) attends throughout the week. Elder Zabriskie and I got a lot of hard rejections, a few nice people, but no one was really willing to learn more. Elder Williams usually does not get rejections ALL day.... But Elder Tenney and Hicken found a couple people that invited them back. We talked to a lot of people and left a lot of info about us. So they at least know who we are. No effort is wasted, right? I'm sure the village got the "Mormon talk" in church yesterday at church. Its unfortunate that the only info they hear about is that we're all polygamists and a big cult. "Vy ste sekta!" I love when they actually ask about the things they hear about us. A different feeling just enters the conversation. A light pops into their eyes when they hear that everything, EVERYTHING, they heard about us was way off base. I hate to consider my work as "planting seeds" but some days you plant and other days you REAP. Right?

We're all excited for you call Emily! Here are some guesses so far from other missionaries: Elder Nichol and Wilcox: Budapest Hungary, Elder Zabriskie: South Korea, Elder Tenney: Albania, Elder Hicken: Taiwan, Me: Vancouver Canada. Uvidime!!

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week! Can anyone else believe we're getting to the end of October? We have an exciting week with a Meet the Mormons presentation and a Halloween party! Tesim sa!

Starsi Williams

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