Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 9, 2012

Hey everyone!
Another week has flown by for me in Bratislava. All of them seem to
mesh together now. Nothing too exciting to report. It's been hot, but
it rained all night and was drizzly this morning so we have some
relief. It'll get hot again... The heat here isn't quite as bad as
Phoenix (though the humidity kills) but the lack of AC is what gets
you. You truly can't escape it. We happen to have AC in the chapel
of the branch building so sometimes we'll run in there and just
sit for a little bit during the day. We just live with the fan on day
and night.
On Saturday we did a service project with the Ostergaards picking up
trash around the city. My trash bag was 90% cigarette butts. The street
we went down and the park we went to to looks a lot better now. It
felt good to do something a little different and to see some physical
results of my service. We did some good in the world and had fun doing
it! :)
Hope everything is going well for you all back home. Transfer calls
are coming next Monday so I will email you all next Wednesday. Isn't
it amazing how fast this transfer went?? It's my last transfer and I'm
already anxious about it. I'm looking forward to not having to worry
about the "transfer call" anymore... Hear from you soon!

Elder Williams


  1. Do we have a new address to send letter to Adam? =( I miss him!

  2. His final address:

    Rezedova 16
    821 01 Bratslava 2
    slovakia, Europe