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The Slovak Front

  July 29, 2010


Thanks for the emails this week! (I missed you all last week...) And
the letters, Family, I got your card the other day, and Julie, I got
your letter/pictures. Thanks!

This past week was a good one. Elder Osterloh have been able to find
some cool investigators this past week-- we were just shy of our goal-
but we've been pretty good. We have a goal of getting 3 new
investigators every single week of the transfer-- which would do
wonders for this area. At first I was a little peeved that I got sent
to such a slow area-- but it'll give me some more opportunities to
work as hard as I can to the end.
On Friday we had Specialized Training in Brno and among a lot of
things we talked about our studies and how we can improve. It was
definitely inspired because that has something that has just died for
me this transfer. I used to love my personal studies, but very
recently I can't get into them. At the end of last transfer I finally
finished all of the standard works and the missionary library, so I
think that had something to do about it. But now I have some new found
motivation to get some more things out of my personal study. :) I hope
that is something that will stick for me post mission; personal
scripture study. The scriptures are really full of stuff that we need
in day-to-day life.

Glad to hear things are good at home. It'll be an exciting week,
that's for sure! I'll be thinking of you Logan Tueday night! (Well,
early early Wednesday morning for me) I'm kind of bummed I miss yet
ANOTHER setting apart of one of my siblings. But oh well. Aaron will
get a lot of attention... per usual.

Reasons why Logan will be a great missionary:
-He is a Williams
-He has excellent examples of missionary siblings ;)
-He works hard
-He likes (and knows how) to have fun
-He knows who he is and he is confident around others. He has a clear
place in his peer group and is fearless with them. He doesn't let the
teases or the taunts of an older sibling stop what he wants to do. He
goes out and does it. I've always been impressed with how consistent
he is. Growing up he lived for scouts and would insist on setting the
timer for when it was time to go (often times it was set to go off in
2 or 3 hours). It used to annoy me SO much because Scouts was, and
continues to be, the bane of my entire existence. But Logan never
allowed himself to be influenced and kept doing what he enjoyed. (even
though it was something as dumb as scouting <-- my own opinion :) And
that's how he has always been. Doing what is right because he wants
He is going to see a ton of miracles if he keeps that up. The
opportunity to serve like a full-time missionary comes once and I'm
confident Logan will make the most of it!

I love you all! Hear from you all soon!

Elder Williams

July 19 2012

Another Transfer!!!

Hey everyone!
I am way short on time this week-- I'm sorry about that. But I am
alive and happy in Bratislava still. :) I am serving with Elder
Osterloh who has been serving in the Czech Republic for the past year.
I'm pumped for a new transfer and excited that it's my last. (A good
kind of excited. Not a OMG-I-just-want-to-go-home but a
OMG-I-can't-believe-it's-already-here) I'm not going to get "trunky"
so don't worry about that. (that being said, I have been craving Taco
Bell a lot more frequently...)
Our investigator will be getting baptized on Saturday! We are all so
excited about it! It's been a long time coming, but he is so prepared
and excited for it! I just love it. I love being around people who are
coming to know that these things are true and are getting EXCITED
about it!

I'm in a very large district this transfer:
First is our fearless District Leader Elder Osterloh and I together. Elder O is from Utah
then Elder Robison (my boy :) and Elder Nichol who are
training Elder Marriot together. Elder Marriott is from CA 
My old companion Elder Clem and Elder Bacon are
together (again) training Elder Hammond, a cowboy from Logan, UT.
With the Senior couple we are quite the group! Some really new missionaries and some really old ones. Love it. But Elders Nichol and Bacon are leaving in 4 weeks for school so we'll become a normal Bratislava district soon.

Everything is good. Hope things are good with you all! Glad to here
the CA trip was fun. Happy Birthday Grandpa! Sorry I missed out.
Buuuut I will see you all soon. :)

Love you,
Elder Williams

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