Monday, June 25, 2012

Fried food night

Cau cau,

Hope everyone is happy and enjoying their summer! Elder Clem and I,
per usual, are having a blast and working very hard! We have seen
amazing results this week-- 3 of our investigators are on track for
baptism and I have taught more this week then ever before. I feel like
the worst Slovak speaker as a result-- I'm using it a lot more now lately, so that's
good. We never improve if we don't practice-- right?? We are very
thankful for the success the Lord has given us seeing as we were
walking into this week with pretty much nothing concrete on plan.
Today we are planning on working out with one of the other Elders'
amazing investigator. A woman who just walked into church a couple
weeks ago who was dying to know everything. She's getting baptized
this Saturday and is SO excited for it. The whole branch is really
pumped for her too. She is a personal trainer and owns her own studio
so she is going to beat up all the missionaries today. We're excited.
Do you know when the last workout was for me??
I'm grateful to be in Bratislava and seeing that there really are
people here who are looking for, and recognize, the truth. Sometimes
you find someone who is already radiating with light and as they learn
about the gospel, as they start learning and living the commandments
they start to shine even brighter. They are happier than they thought they
were before. It's amazing to see and is humbling and exciting to
witness first hand.
Other than real missionary work, something Elder Clem and I have been
experimenting in the kitchen and we've come up with fried food night.
On Wednesday we fried all sorts of stuff: peppers and cream cheese,
mushrooms, sausages, byndza (how jealous are you Joe?), onions,
cheese, etc. It was quite the feast and we went to bed absolutely sick
(pictures coming soon). We can't wait to do it again. :) Right now we are
trying to perfect biscuits. My dream is biscuits and gravy. Uvidime.
I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week! Don't be
afraid to write me! ;)

Elder Williams

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