Sunday, March 25, 2012

Aloha! March 19

It's aloha because I just got a postcard from Hawaii-- thanks Aunt Patti and Uncle Steve!

The weather has been fabulous lately- even worked without a coat on Saturday. But now it's looking quite gloomy today, like it might rain. It's a good chill-out-in-a-chair-reading weather. Good thing it's p-day, and by reading I mean Jesus the Christ :)

The past couple days have been quite uneventful. Elder Johnson and I are trying to do some inactive work. We went over the branch list in Branch Council yesterday and there are so many people who no longer want any contact with the church at all. It's all so weird to me. What happened to these people? They all agreed to be baptized not too long ago and within a few months or years they just stop coming and then want nothing to do with us. It all comes down, I think, in our desire to follow through. If we don't keep reading the Book of Mormon or go to church or pray we'll lose that desire to stay active.

As a district, under the absolutely brilliant district leader Elder Williams (not me :), we are reading the Book of Mormon together this transfer. It's about 10 pages a day for the next 9 weeks. So far I have gotten so much out of it. I never want personal study to end and the positive feelings I get push me through the day. Sometimes, it's just those personal studies that keep me driven. I would be absolutely lost without that book. And I want the world to know about it!

I hope everything is perfect for you all! I will talk to you next week :)

Elder Williams

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