Monday, March 5, 2012


Hope all is well with everyone. We had a nice week-- warmer weather in our sights and an exciting week ahead. ELDER CHRISTOFFERSON!!

Nothing really new to report. We're looking at our last week of the transfer, which is always exciting. I just love transfers. It's a new boost to get things rolling again. I thought it would get tiring being in the same city for a long time-- but I'm looking forward to the coming weeks/months. Yesterday I taught priesthood and talked all about home teaching and how we need to get the ball moving on that if we want to get ready for a Stake somewhere in the mission in 5 years. I imagine it was a similar experience to the early church when Joseph Smith told the entire priesthood body at the time that the church would fill the entire earth. I'm trying to get these members to see that the church will fill the entire country with enough priesthood holders for a stake. Right now, in Žilina we have 2 active priesthood holders. But like the prophet said, it will happen because it's happening.

I feel for you Emily, we've ran into a lot of people this week who just seemed to waste our time. It's all a weeding process to those that are elect.

I'll be thinking and praying for you Uncle Randy. But if you were promised to be healed, then I'm not worried about it. ;) Congrats to Nicole on the wedding! It's coming up! Man, did that happen fast, or have I just been out of the loop?? I got the Christmas card and picture from the Birds and I'm in the process of responding. Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Randy, your family like tripled in size.

Hope all is well for you all back home! I'll talk to you next week (on Wednesday! Remember transfers? Ale neboj sa, I'll still be here.)

Elder Williams

Which reminds me, I'll miss Catherine's birthday on the 12! Happy Birthday! (You'll get another shout out I'm sure...:)

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