Monday, March 26, 2012

I Call This Week Greasing the Wheels

Hello everyone!!

I hope we are doing well, the weather is fabulous now-hurray for working without a jacket- finally. The best part is that I don't have any of the anxiety that a 120 degree summer is coming- it stays pretty much perfect until October.

This week was pretty slow but we met with some new potentials that have me all excited. Along with a referral this morning that said, "I really want to meet soon. Like tomorrow. Can we meet tomorrow?" (The answer was yes, btw. It always is) I am just super pumped for this week! Ever since I got to Žilina its been a challenge to get the ball rolling. But now it is. I am convinced its because we finally started cleaning up the membership records. During Branch Council we identified about 15 names who don't even live in the boundaries of the branch (one in Mongolia, what??) and a couple who have already died. In the Book of Mormon there is a part where (I think Alma) cleans up the records of the church and the church was able to grow as a result. I know the same thing will happen here.

The past couple of days have been really good for me. Sometimes I just find myself smiling. Why am I so happy?? The work here is impossibly slow and I feel like I am just running into one brick wall after another. But I am happy because I am confident in who I am. I know who I worship and He helps us every single day. The atonement of Christ is probably the most underrated and under utilized tool in the entire world and I am SO happy I get to be out here telling everyone about it! And me sharing that wont end in September. I promise you that. :)

I hope things on the home front are going well. Its a shame you were cheated out of the Mr. Highland title, Aaron. It sounded like you deserved it. There is always next year and I'm sure you will come up with something that will top the ribbon dance. Good luck though. I'm waiting for the updated bicep measurement. Ill have you know I exercise everyday and will always have bigger arms than you.

I'm sure I am forgetting something. Hope the Hunger Games lived up to its hype Catherine and that you get to work EVERY week at EFY Morgan. Pozdravujem všetkých doma. And congrats to Chad and Hilary on the healthy baby girl, Norah. I'm sure shes adorable.

Love you all,
Elder Williams

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