Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Transfer #9

Hey everyone!

So I'm sure you are all wondering about transfers. Don't worry, I'm still in Zilina so letters can still go to that address. (Kevin, I got your letter. It was a beautiful sight for me)
Elder Robison has left me. And Elder Johnson has taken his place. He's from Provo and this is his third transfer. The district hasn't really changed- Elder Peterson is still here, and he is serving with Elder Sell, who used to be in Trencin. Elder Romero left to be a big bad Zone Leader in Zvolen, and then Elder Williams (I know, right, another one) is serving with Elder Loynes in Trencin. He is one of those Czech missionaries and is my new mission hero. (Not just because he has a great name.) It will be an exciting transfer for sure. I'm expecting a lot of growth in this town.

The past weekend was AMAZING. On Saturday Elder Meredith and I traveled to Prague to go to the Priesthood leadership conference with Elder Christofferson. It was very good. Elder Causse of the 70 accompanied him. President Irwin introduced the mission vision for having a stake in 5 years and Elder Christofferson talked about hometeaching. (I felt ahead of the game a little bit, seeing as the Sunday before I also harped about hometeaching in Priesthood) And then we also saw the Adult session that night with the Causses and the Christoffersons. Elder and Sister Causse were great and Elder Christofferson lived up to my expectations. Turns out you can expect an Apostle to deliver. Sunday morning was our general session of conference for all of the members. We managed to get our two investigators there. They LOVED it. It was so good. And then after that was the session with just the missionaries. Elder Christofferson's son, Peter, came with him who served in this mission 17 years ago. He spoke a little to us and he nailed a lot of things on the head about work in these countries. When Elder Christofferson spoke with us he turned it into a sort of question and answer time. It was just a cool experience for me listening to an Apostle of Jesus Christ. They are incredibly human, with extraordinary callings. He gained all of his knowledge and faith the same way the rest of need to. Prayer and scripture study.

It was really nice to be with the whole mission again. We don't do it very often- it just too expensive I think. I got to see Sis. Anderson and Bartholomew before they left. And Elder Nichol (who is now an Assistant! Brother Van de Graf, he really became the first Slovak AP!)

I hope everyone is doing well, where ever you are. I love it out here and I'll be forever grateful that I decided to follow the call to serve. There is nothing more worthwhile for me to be doing at this point in my life and I really can't wait to do it again. (Gimmie like 40 years. I can't wait to be a senior missionary.)

Love you all!!

Elder Williams

PS dear Emily, get used to weeks where you have no emails or letters. Guilt trips don't work.

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