Monday, May 28, 2012

28 maj 2012

Hello family!
Hope everything is good with you all! Elder Clem and I had a very busy
week-- one of the busiest of my mission I think-- at least in recent
history. We taught as many lessons this week as I did the entire last
transfer. And we will continue to push ourselves and teach more! I'm
looking forward to it. :) I'm sure I mentioned it last week, but we've
heard prayers in like 5 different languages the past couple days-- and
we can add sign language to that list again. Remember that deaf member
in Bratislava? We're meeting with him again-- he pretty much only
turns up when someone knows asl or is willing to communicate with him
by writing.
I absolutely love it here in Bratislava. Elder Clem is a great
companion and I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks with him.
We are having a ton of fun and working hard.
Thank you Grandma for the package and the note! My companion and I
have been enjoying them. :)
Shout out to Logan on the graduation!! WAHOO!! I loved the pictures--
and you should send me that video of you taking a dive! I can't
believe I graduated 5 years ago already- time flies! (Elder Clem was
shocked when I told him that-- he was still in middle school when I

I love you all!!

Elder Williams

ps thanks for the emails and updated addresses-- I will try to get to
you all sooooon!!

 May 21, 2012

Back in Blava


The past couple days have been a complete blur. It's been a trip. I
spent 3 days in Zilina training Elder Bateman as my replacement-- he's
already doing a fantastic job. It was an exhausting couple days of me
just talking and going over everything there is about the branch here.
But E. Bateman is as ready as he can be. It runs itself, really, you
just have to do it once and it all makes sense. He didn't believe me.
And now I'm back in Blava!! I don't know my address yet, sorry. I'll
include it in a future email. I am serving with Elder Clem from Tampa,
FL and I just know that this will be one of the best transfers of my
mission. He has a ton of energy and is ready to work. He was hanging
out with Elder Nichol and Fenn waiting for me to get here and he had
the area ready to go. We got meetings and investigators coming out of
our ears. I lOVE it! Elder Rhodes and Wykoff were here before us and
they found a ton of people. So our job is to keep them progressing
towards baptism. Church yesterday was great and the branch has grown a
lot in the past year. It has matured into a completely different
branch and I am really looking forward to the next two months here and
seeing it continue to grow. I am all excited to be a "regular"
missionary and not worry about anything else but "my people".
In other news, Slovakia placed second in the World Hockey Cup
yesterday and the town is a blaze in celebration. Elder Clem and I
will be inside during the festivities trying to call all of these
people in our phone.  :) I just love missionary work sometimes and its
crazy to think that I DIDN'T think this would be a good thing for me
to do. :)

I love you all and talk to you soooon!!

Elder Williams

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