Monday, June 4, 2012

June is Busting Out All Over

Hello rodina!
Nothing too much to report this week. Elder Clem and I are doing well.
I'm really sorry for the quality of my emails. It seems that as time
goes on my emails get more boring. I hope I don't get too boring for
you all before I get home...
Elder Clem and I have been working hard and literally running around
trying to meet with as many people as we can. We had just as many meetings
this week then I had my entire last transfer. So it's refreshing. :)
One of our investigators is an older woman who is in the hospital and
we've been trying to meet with her throughout the week. We planned to
go out there on Saturday with the Ostergaards (the AMAZING senior
couple here). We took the bus, obvi, and when it came time to do a bus
transfer Elder Clem got off and then the doors shut and the bus took
off. All I saw was my companion waving us off. It was quite the ordeal
getting back together, Elder Clem waited for us to just get on the
next bus back to that stop--but that particular bus only goes in one
direction, and we were already at the end of the line.  (Sometimes I
wish we had separate phones like we did in Zilina) So the Ostergaards
and I went on some other buses trying to get back to Elder Clem (It
was great bonding time, I adore them both)  and when we FINALLY got
there maybe 45 min later he was gone! So Elder Ostergaard went ahead
to see if he went on to the next stop or the church building and
Sister Ostergaard and I went to the hospital. With prayers in our
hearts we opened the hospital room door and there he was chatting with
our investigator! He had waited a long time and figured that we went
on to the hospital. He was there for maybe 10 minutes when we walked
in. We agreed never to separate again. I really do love the guy.
We also went to Nitra this past week to visit with some members. Its a
beautiful city about an hour outside of Bratislava. There used to be
missionaries there and we're trying to start a branch-- but the
members are few and not terribly thrilled at the thought of callings
and running everything-- so maybe that will have to wait. But my
companion and I have to go down once a month and have a little
sacrament meeting/sunday school. It will be fun and I'm looking
forward to being there more.
Nothing much more to report-- thanks again grandma for the package, my
companion and I polished off those oreos no problem ;)
This is going to be an exciting week for sure-- nothing too much on
the plan, yet. We have a baptismal date that we are trying to get
solid and we know he will get there. In our district we have about 6
people planned for baptism on June 30! It's going to be a huge day! We
got lots of work ahead of us :)
Love you all!

Elder Williams

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