Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hot in Blava

Hellooooo everyone!

It is getting hot in Bratislava. Today was pushing 32 degrees
(Celsius, I'm in Europe, remember??) Which is better than the
impossible winter, but still. It is better for finding, but harder during
studies. I miss studying with a hot mug of caj....

As far as new things, nothing much to report. (weekly updates make it
hard to come up with something new) The work in Slovakia is still
taking off-- especially in member lessons. We hit 50 as a country-not
sure if that ever happened before- so that's exciting. Elder Clem and
I are still plunking away and working hard. We have an exciting day on
the plan with some lessons with some new people/ people we're trying
to get progressing. Our baptismal date dropped off the face of the
Earth-- again. So we'll see about that...

On Friday we had Zone Conference that was fantastic! I love when we
get together. It was with half the mission in Brno. I'm crossing my
fingers that we have another one next transfer. I always hear what I
need to hear and I am reminded of what I need to do.

Sunday was a busy day for us. We had Branch Conference so it was a
packed house. President and Sister Irwin were there as well as some
other leaders from the District. My companion and I had nursery duty
for some of the Czech kids that came. Nursery kids are very
uncooperative-- especially when they speak Czech and we speak Slovak. We just
drew pictures on the black board and then their mom sang songs to them
in Czech. After church we jetted off to Nitra where we hold church for
about 5 members once a month. It was a different experience and I'm
already looking forward to next month. On the way there I left
my scriptures at a bus stop. :(  That is the third set of scriptures I've
misplaced. I think I'm just going to wait until I go home to get
another set. I still have my blue paperback Book of Mormon-- so that's
good. BUT I had just started the D&C and I wanted to finish it by the
time I go home. Oh well.  I could order another set-- but by the time
they come it will be time for me to go.

I love you all and I hope to hear from you all soon!
Elder Williams

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