Monday, April 2, 2012


This has been a good week-- like every other week really. I just love being a missionary.

Our referral that couldn't wait to see us had to go to the Czech Republic for two weeks- so we will see. But we did meet a couple whose daughter is a member in America- she had called us to tell us to visit her parents and give her father a blessing. Which we did. They are a very nice couple and would be such an insane addition to the branch. There was a very sweet spirit as we gave him a blessing. Priesthood power is real and it is such a blessing that we can have that in our homes. We're hoping to see them again. This weekend is Easter and everything is a little crazy. (Easter is a big deal here) So we will see. The daughter happened to be outside the Conference Center on Temple Square when she called us, so I told her to go to the Beehive House and look for a Sister Williams.

On Friday we had Specialized Training and we got a Zone Leader Training from Elder Romero and an Assistant's training from Elder Nichol. I realize that none of you know who those people are, but it was by far the best Specialized training we've had so far. Then on Saturday Elder Johnson and I were off to Brno for Leadership training for the Brno district. We traveled with some members so we wouldn't have to spend money on a train or spend the night in Brno. (I miss having my own car). I love seeing members here get together for meetings like this. They get so excited about seeing each other. On the way home Sister van Dalen made the comment, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all were in the same branch and meet every Sunday with each other??" That's the vision. It was a fantastic training- I'm getting a lot better at understanding Czech, so I'm actually getting something out of these meetings.

I hope you all are happy and healthy. I'm praying for you all everyday. Hope conference was good (I'm sure it was) we get to watch it this weekend--very excited. I just like it because I get a little break from planning church. :)
Love you,
Elder Williams

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