Monday, April 23, 2012

Looking for people

Hello everyone!!
I hope you are all doing well. Things are good in Zilina. Not much,
per usual. But we are happy. :)

Thursday we had a District Meeting with President Irwin, went really
well. I just love that man. I will be forever grateful that I served
under such a mission president.

On Saturday we had a Family History class that the Stiles taught. A
lady from our apartment building came and it went really well. Sister
Stiles has a very good class on how to start looking for people on the
internet. (Takes facebook lurking to a whole new level really.) It
made me kind of homesick for Kosice being around them-- oh well, we
have to move on every once in a while, right??

Its been really hard to find people to teach lately. I'm willing to
talk to literally anyone now. Even to those that are CLEARLY not
interested- just so I can talk to someone. I don't understand really,
why more people aren't interested in what we are talking about. Our
message is actually outrageous: That God and Christ showed themselves
to a boy in upstate New York and called him to be a prophet-a man just
like Moses, or Abraham. That God had prophets in ancient America, just
like he did in ancient Jerusalem. That he has prophets walking the
Earth today. How outrageous is that?? I think it's at least worth
learning a little more about, right? Ale každy má svoj, však? But in
the midst of this lack-of-a-teaching-pool situation my desire to share
has grown and Elder Johnson and I are practicing in comp studies a lot
more. That's good.

Shout outs: I turn 23 on Friday!! I expect some love. And Happy
Birthday to Aaron on the 28!!

Mom-- tell me how many eggs you want. I found them- they sell them
year round. The wooden ones are around 2 euros a piece and the ones
made from real eggs are about 3. Not very expensive.

Logan- looking forward to the call that's on the way!! Here are some guesses:
Ja-- Atlanta Mission speaking Creole
Elder Johnson-- Kansas
Elder Sell-- Brazil
Elder Peterson-- Paraguay

Hope you all have a good week! Talk to you soon!

Elder Williams

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