Monday, April 30, 2012


I can't believe that tomorrow is MAY! Whoa....  Thank you all SO much for the birthday wishes/cards. I added another "Hoops and Yoyo" card to my collection--those things crack me up.  Thank you family!

On my birthday I went to Mikulas where we taught our investigator who has a baptismal date (What more could a missionary ask for?) and on the way there Sister Bohne from the office called and her and her husband sang happy birthday and then told me that Logan got his call to the Boston, MA Mission!! WHOA!!!! I am SO excited for you Logan! I have so many questions that you will need to answer for me. I'll be shooting you a letter soon, neboj sa. It felt like Sister Bohne had just called me about Emily's mission call.

Logan's call was definitely the highlight of my week. I will be looking forward to Monday emails with two missionary updates. I'm grateful for missionary siblings who have been examples to me for a long time. 

Another exciting thing this week is our shower. We have probably the worst bathroom situation in the mission-- it's close with the Kosice West apt-- and it's all getting remodeled this upcoming week! All the new tile and shower supplies are in the center of the living room and we're looking forward to when it gets in order. We have plastic bags all over the walls so that the water doesn't peel off the paint. No more getting hugged by the shower curtain the the plastic bags!  (I'll send some pictures, some before and after. It's actually horrendous) President Irwin was pleased-- he hates our apartment. Only problem is that the shower will be out of order for 10 days. We'll be showering at the other elders apartment... it'll be interesting.   Missions are so much fun Logan!! :) 

Hope everything is good and everyone is happy. It is summer weather outside and I am loving it.It doesn't get dark until 8:30 or 9:00pm. I love this time of year here in Europe!

Love you all!
Elder Williams

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