Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Slovak Front April 16, 2012

Hello everyone!
First up, thank you for the letters/ emails. I always appreciate them. :) It's good to hear how things are going.
This has been a pretty good week-- all around the mission things are happening and we're moving forward and it's exciting to watch. In my particular area it's been a little harder to get the fire going. But we're working hard and working smart and amidst it all we're happy. God doesn't expect us to only have success, he's the giver of it anyway- instead he just wants us to do our best and not be idle. And that is what I am trying to do. Do my best. :) As a country we have about 20 people on date for baptism- which is absolutely amazing. The country baptized 7 people my first year here. We have one investigator on plan that we are really excited about-- she has a lot of things to work through and lives pretty far- but she has a firm testimony that the Book of Mormon is true. When we know that, ain't nothing standing in the way. So I'm confident she'll make it. Send me some good vibes!   She is extremely anxious for Uncle Randy and asks about him constantly. She's amazed at the faith he has -especially in the priesthood blessings he's received.  We're pulling for you Uncle Randy! :)
I don't have much else to report, just a thank you in advance to Grandma Marilyn for the upcoming birthday package! You all know you don't have to send me anything, right? Just spoil me when I get home. ;) But I do love presents.
I forgot to mention something from a couple weeks ago. I got a call from my favorite AP, Elder Nichol and apparently when was introducing himself to some members in Prague this woman came up to him and said, "I know who you are. You served in Bratislava with Elder Williams" He was surprised and asked how she knew that. She introduced herself as MARY! You remember the secret postcard and birthday card I got from a random person??-- turns out she is a member in Prague! She found my blog when she was living in London and was really lonely-- but felt better reading after my letters home. That mystery has finally been solved. I feel like we helped each other. Her cards made me feel like I wasn't alone either and that I there were people hoping and praying for my success. So thanks again Mary!

Happy Anniversary Justin and Stephanie Morris! Is it the 2nd one already? I've lost track of time... And happy 23rd to Katie Watkins tomorrow! Whoa, you're old.

Love you and think of you all!
Elder Williams

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