Monday, February 27, 2012

Busy Week February 20, 2012

Howdy everyone! Hope all has been well since last week. Elder Robison and I had a busy busy week. We had about 3 exchanges this week so we haven't really been working together. This week we have another exchange--one day we will learn how to work together.... I did have an excellent exchange with Elder Romero on Tuesday-- he's been a great district leader for me and I feel loads better about the future. Elder Robison and Peterson had to go to Bratislava on Thursday for visa so we were separated again, and then Saturday I went to Banksa Bystrica with Elder Peterson for church. It was a good time, as always. Met with a few members I had missed my first time around--still missing a few. We really don't have that many members, but it is impossible to get EVERYONE to come to church at once. Elder Romero led church in Zilina so he has something to write home about :p
Big news in the mission! Remember that story I told last summer about the huge family who were taught by the missionaries? Well, they are unable to get to church in Banksa Bystrica and one of the members of the family, who was baptized in Sheffield, England, is moving back to Slovakia and President has decided to form a group for them in Zvolen!! Elder Nichol and Durrant, our Zone Leaders, are moving down to Zvolen pretty soon and they will hold Sacrament Meeting there every week. We are all pretty excited about it. A little confused how it will work out--but we know it will. It will be the new "group" under the Banksa Bystica "Unit" under the Zilina Branch. That's how small it is. But I'm guessing that they will have better attendance than the Zilina Branch. We will see.
On Thursday we were supposed to have Specialized Training, but it got cancelled because we got an obscene amount of snow. Just as it was going away. But it's been really warm the past couple of days so it's melting fast. I'm dying for spring and summer. I was looking back in my journal for the summer and I wrote, "I am kind of looking forward to winter--just got a change in scenery" I take that back.
This week will have specialized training-- which is something I am excited for. I love trainings. As well we are going to try to look for our inactive members. I've allowed myself to be a little frustrated at the rate things are going out here-- I know that I'll have only been here for 2 years, which will be such a small sliver of the history of the church here, but I just want to see some BIG progress. But like the Book of Mormon teaches, great things come as the result of simple things. So I'm trying to be a little more simple. We finally had our first mutual of the year-- it was a success-- meaning that no arguments ensued between siblings and everyone cooperated. We wrote collage letters to the two missionaries from the branch. We're going to finish it up next time. I'll be trying to come up with some other brilliant youth activities for the futue. Any ideas?
Thank you all for the Valentines! I got nearly all of them ON Valentine's Day. I have to say, it was a good day. :) Thanks Kate Mower for the picture of the cutest baby in the entire world! You lucked out. As well as all the scoop going on over there. There are just too many weddings and babies that happened for one email shout out. You will all have to wait until I come home and I can congratulate you to your face.
Things are well here in Zilina and I hope things are perfect for you, where ever you are! :)

Elder Williams

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