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Zero Time January 23, 2012

Lets talk about how there is zero time to do anything.

Elder Robison and I had a blur of a week. We have been running around trying to get everything done. Im positive (ps this keyboard has no apostrophes) that we got everything accomplished. But a lot of time has been wasted I think in downtime. Its been easy to go a little slower than normal with these 2 hour companionship studies. Add the snow and lack of sunshine and its a little depressing. But we are happy (most important) and healthy and ready for another week!!

President Irwin sends out a "Faith to Roar" (he wants lion-like missionaries) every week and I thought I would attach some of what he said, because it kind of sums up a lot of the feelings that I have

The famous author and lecturer Helen Keller was blind and deaf from the age of two. And, late in life, when a reporter asked her what could be worse than being blind, she responded: “Having eyes to see........ and no vision.”

The lack of vision, or purposeful imagining and creating, has marked the decline of civilizations, organizations, and individuals throughout time. The Proverbs explained thousands of years ago that “where there is no vision, the people perish.”

If we fail to see the forest for the trees, if we lose the big picture to the consuming details before us, we concern ourselves with quick-fix solutions and never recognize deep-seated problems. We put Band-Aids on terminal wounds and replace lifelong dreams with daily demands. We engage in short-sighted planning and seldom accomplish long-term goals. We see ourselves as we are today and lose sight of whom we can become tomorrow.

But, because we are human, we can do more than just see; we can envision our future as we want it to be. We can imagine, dream, and visualize all of the great possibilities of life. All great accomplishments were first conceived in the mind. Technology is subordinate to human imagination. “We went to the moon not because of our technology but because of our imagination,” said Norman Cousins. “The technology became successful only through the application not just of human intelligence but of willpower and aspiration as well. “ (The Celebration of Life).

When we have a sense of vision, we see ourselves and others as capable, changing people – worthy of all the blessings and benefits that life has to offer. We bless other people’s lives by sincerely believing and encouraging them. Ultimately we do all that we are capable of doing and become all that we are meant to become when we turn to God for personal vision. It is my prayer that we will find our personal vision for the future and that we will work on it now.

I absolutely love this time that I have to be out and devote all I have to the Lord and work at becoming the man that he needs me to be. Who my family needs me to be. Ive got to be a lot better than I was. Have a broader vision than I had before, and work harder at achieving it than I did before. It has been an interesting week to say the least-between meetings in the home of real live "hoarders", interviews, another trip to Banksa Bystrica, chats with my companion, etc Ive gained a better picture of what it is that I need to do here to make things at least a little better than they were before. Its exciting and Im def. looking forward to seeing how it all pans out.

Im also looking forward to spring. Im so over the winter look.

ps Letters should be going out to most of you reading. Keep an eye out! Family: I sent you a package!! (Its full of my old clothes, dont get too excited. It can just go with all my other stuff) :)

Shout outs to Zach and Matt for the mission calls! Australia and Nashville dont know what kind of storm is coming! Im looking forward to your call Logan. Let me know so you can get your own shout out. (You know, that would also mean that you would need to write me every once in a while.... just sayin)

I hope everything is good at home. I love you and I miss you all. Talk to you next week!

Elder Williams

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