Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Family Tree Expands January 12, 2012

Hey family!
Sorry this email is even later than expected, we got in a little late yesterday and we the library closed before we had a chance to email-- we chose to have a last minute lesson that was SWEET. Might have a baptism on our hands pretty soon.

So story: Sunday night we were going over to Zuzka's (a member here) for the last supper. Elder Tomlinson was going home. (I don't miss you that much-- but thanks for the notes) On the way there President Irwin gave me a call. I said "Hey President, how did you know I wanted to call you tonight?" He was a little confused and I explained that I had done tithing settlements in Banksa that day and I had some questions.
Then he says, "Ok, ya we can do that-- but what were we talking about?"
"I don't know President, you called me."
"Right. I need you to come to Prague. You're training."

I could hardly eat and I only sleep thanks to Nyquil. (that's not against the word of wisdom, is it?)

Flash forward two days and I'm sitting in Prague getting introduced to Elder Robison (without an "n") from Payson, UT. I should also note that Elder Zabriskie is also training! (I guess I didn't mess him up too bad. Elder Bodily, you're a great-grandpa!) It was kind of weird being in the same "trainer training" as he was. I made it clear at the beginning that we did not have the program we do now WAY back when I trained him. We're now on the 12 training program. It's intense and all about practicing and really using Preach My Gospel the way the prophet wants us to. It's absolutely brilliant. The only downside is an extra hour of studies. But Elder Robison has a lot of fire and he's pumped to be here. He did a good job in our member lesson yesterday-bore some good testimony po slovensky and everything. I am just SO excited for the magic that will be our companionship. Elder Tomlinson, you may quickly become my 3rd favorite companion. (No one can replace my first-born though)
It's been quite the rush this past week. I wanted to focus on taking things one at a time and try to really get a handle of everything--but it seems that life is just throwing me more and more things to do. Clearly I'm meant to keep going at the pace that I have been going, right? I love it and it's definitely exciting. With that said, I can't wait until naps get reintroduced to my life. By the way, President told me that my date of departure is September 20. Save the date!

New transfer, new district!
Elder Robison- with me, duh

Elder Romero-fearless District Leader- from somewhere in UT
Elder Peterson-new missionary--from SLC

Elder Lyones- from England
Elder Sell- from Wisconsin

Elder Tomlinson had a fantastic finish to the transfer and finished with our most successful week in the transfer. I am proud of the work that we did and Elder Robison and I will be continuing it all. On our last full day together we book the pool for March 17. We will have a baptism in Zilina my friends! .... we just need to find out who....FAITH IS THE POWER

I'm glad that everything went well with the weddings/setting aparts/departures. I miss you all and looking forward to the reunions! The pictures didn't work so I don't feel apart of any of it.

Love you all and I will email you on Monday! (The normal day/time)

Elder Williams

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