Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Februa'r?!

Hey everyone!
Thank you for the emails you sent last week! I thoroughly enjoyed them all. Know that I love and miss you!

The highlight this week was definitely the Elder Causse conference we had on Thursday. It's been bitter cold (around -20 - -30C... ridiculous) so it was nice to be inside for a day. ;) As well it was one of those "mission changing" moments for me. The last one was when Elder Kerr came. Next week I'll bring my Top favorite quotes. He promised that if we start teaching 20 lessons a week we will find more people to teach and double our baptisms. Last transfer I taught about 20 lessons total. 20 lessons in 9 weeks.... It'll be a challenge to teach that frequently, but Elder Robison and I left that meeting on fire and I'd say we are determined to do it. He told us about raising our faith so we can look "past the veil" and see the vision that the Lord has for this part of the world. When we can "see" our goal we can really start to work at accomplishing it. He told us more about the Slovak branch in Sheffield, England. As soon as more of the men get the Melchizedek Priesthood they'll become a ward! They're thinking of opening another Slovak speaking branch in Leeds. Isn't that amazing?! The Lord is gathering his Slovaks--- in England!
Elder Robison and I have been slowly building up our teaching pool and have found some people that we are really excited about, finally saw some investigators at church and are making progress with some inactives. I've been thinking a lot lately about the commitment that we all make when we decide to follow Christ. Discipleship certainly isn't easy, but it's the one sure path where we can be happy and find help. We're trying to make that more clear to the people we teach. Allowing them to really become converted to the gospel before they make a commitment like baptism. As a Branch President I have headaches and lose a lot of sleep over those inactives. I don't want to find more headaches for future leaders. ;)
I love this work-- it's hard, but incredibly rewarding. I'm grateful for a missionary sister and a brother who is getting ready. Their example is inspiring! And I am sure they will be better missionaries than I ever was! :)

This week will be a little interesting-- we have some meetings, but we might have an emergency trip to Bratislava for visa work. I'm always up for a train ride.

Love you all and I'll talk to you next week!
Starsi Williams
ps did I ever thank Grandma and the Wood family for the packages? The doritos and double stuffed oreos were a beautiful sight and the scarf is perfect! :)

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