Sunday, February 5, 2012

Preach My Gospel

January 30, 2012

Hello family!
This has been quite the week. We took a little hit in terms of missionaries week with two conferences so nothing too new or exciting to report. We had Specialized Training-which is always a hit. I love trainings. Then on Thursday we had Progression Training for new missionaries and their trainers. I loved it. We watched the Elder Holland talk that blows me away every time. I missed my favorite part though, when he tells the story of Peter, because I had an interview with President. Oh well, next time. ;) Elder Shumway, one of the APs had a little segment with just the trainers. He said he wanted to talk about the doctrine of Christ and pg 10 of Preach My Gospel (the page on what it means to be a "successful missionary") We started on pg 10 and went through each bullet point and it was an open discussion of when we felt that we were successful with that particular bullet point. We ran out of time and couldn't even finish all of them. It was great to hear and to share the times when we felt successful. Especially now. If I didn't know any better I would think that what I'm doing out here is useless. We have gotten one phone this transfer so far and yesterday he told me not to call him any more. But I know that success comes from our desire to serve and our willingness to learn and to mold into the people that the Lord needs us to become. I want more time to just soak in Preach My Gospel (it's an amazing book) and the scriptures. I don't know them near enough. And everything I need to know is in them!
But I have the rest of my life to study those--isn't that great??

some shoutouts: Katie S. on the engagement! Congrats!!!

That's about all I got for you all. We have another conference in Brno with Elder Causse of the 70. It'll be tight and I'm so excited.
Love you all and I hope everything is perfect for you!

Elder Williams

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